Printers made by Teckwin in China are sold by 3M, Gerber, and Matan. Print
Teckwin TW3200, TW3200D, TW2000 solvent ink printers
Gerber booth at SGIA 2007.

We are working at sorting out which company has which models, and what their differences are. Chinese change their model designations frequently, and it is hard to keep track of which is which.

Gerber has taken on, and then quickly dropped, several printers, such as the Gerber Jetster, which did not last long enough for us to evaluate it. Then Gerber took on a rebranded Teckwin printer, and at VisCom Milan in November 2005 we saw another different Gerber solvent ink printer (if I remember correctly, rebranded from Mutoh; but it gets hard to keep track).

Teckwin still exhibits on its own at some trade shows, both in Europe and in the US, though Teckwin, Gerber, and Matan all pulled out of SGIA 2005 when the original date in New Orleans had to be cancelled because the New Orleans trade show center got trashed. SGIA re-formed two months later in Phoenix, but no Chinese manufacturer attended.

Otherwise Teckwin appears alive and well and appears, along with Infiniti and Flora, to be doing better than the many Chinese competitors clamoring to be recognized by American and European buyers.

Only 3M seems to have dropped their attempt to sell a Teckwin machine. 3M has done okay selling ink but keeps floundering when trying to sell printers. They did not do well trying to sell the L&P Virtu UV printer either.

Teckwin solvent printer evaluations
Teckwin solvent printer at SGIA 2008.


Shanghai Teckwin Development Co, 3M, Gerber, Matan JetSet, Teckwin TW3200, TW3200D, TW2000 solvent ink printers
Here is the Teckwin solvent printing some samples at SGIA 2008.



First posted August 16, 2005.