Vutek UltraVu 260 solvent ink printer Print
Vutek UltraVu 260SC
Vutek UltraVu 260 at ISA 2006

At ISA 2005 Mutoh showed a new printer, the Mutoh X-Jet, with no fanfare.

Equally quietly, Vutek introduced their Vutek UltraVu 260, priced at about $99,000. It turns out that the Vutek UltraVu 260 is the Mutoh X-Jet which is the Mutoh Osprey, as shown by Mutoh Europe so nicely at FESPA 2005 (Munich), VisCom Duesseldorf 2005, and VisCom Milan (November 2005 in Milan).

Since FLAAR Reports are ready in over 62 countries, and by over half a million readers, we cover the world.

During 2006 we will add additional coverage of solvent ink printers. Between DRUPA 2004 and today we have issued over 56 reports on UV-cured inkjet printers. During 2006 we will provide the same coverage for solvent ink, eco-solvent, mild-solvent, for all size classes of solvent ink printers: 64”, 72”, 90-104”, and grand format.

Services for people interested in solvent ink printers

FLAAR and its team at the university’s Center for Applied Technology are dedicated to providing print shop owners, sign franchises, screen printers, photo labs, in-house print shops, digital print shops, pre-press shops as well as colleagues in the industry who ask for the wide range of devoted reports that are the hallmark of our philosophy.

Most people who are looking to buy a solvent ink printer are faced with a tough choice: Gandinnovations, Scitex Vision or Vutek. An increasing number of people are looking at Keundo, D.G.I., and Chinese printers.

Even for a Mutoh printer, you can select from a Mutoh Osprey (the chassis under the Vutek), the Mutoh Spitfire, or the new heavy duty Mutoh Phoenix.

Why does a university institute go to all this effort to figure out which is the best printer? Very simple: an in-house print facility at a huge university needs a solvent ink printer. And solvent ink prints are ideal for outside in parks and outdoor museums. So we are really just doing research to determine which printers we will obtain for our own needs. The difference is that we are a team of over 15 people. We have the capacity to attend trade shows on several continents. And professors tend to be slow and careful when they make their choice.

We have to be doubly careful, because once we select the printer based on all our studies, and we install this make and model. Then print shop owners around the world notice carefully which brand we have (and which brands we avoid). So we do not want to install the wrong brand, and show case a printer that might not be appropriate for the many people that look to see which printer we prefer.

So you, as a print shop owner, you get all the results of our thousands of man-hours of research. We spend over $23,000 a year attending trade shows and a hefty sum doing site-visit case studies of printers in sign shops.

When you order a FLAAR Report you get the results of our dedicated studies of solvent ink and UV-cured inkjet printers.

A FLAAR Report costs less than a set of inks, so order yours today.

Comparisons of stretch-models of solvent inkjet printers

The Mutoh Osprey/Vutek UltraVu 260 printer is built as a 103-inch printer. This is not a stretch model. But there are stretch-models available in other models and brands.

So far the new HP 8000s and the HP 9000s mild-solvent inkjet printers are not stretch models. HP will probably have Scitex Vision handle the true grand format sizes.


Most recently updated February 16, 2006.
Previously updated January 30, 2006 . First posted December 19, 2005.