Flex-Europa solvent inkjet printers available in Europe & Middle East Print

Flex-Europa has exhibits at leading German sign and inkjet printer trade shows and in the Middle East. But the first time I really stopped to look at their printers was at the Dubai ’06 Middle East trade show. David Dowell, their capable manager, and the pleasant staff from England and Turkey, provided information about their products and helped answer my questions about upcoming trade shows in Istanbul. The FLAAR Reports are read around the world, so we try to visit all the countries to meet our readers and learn how we can continue to provide educational services and information.

The E-Jet G33 series sold in Europe and the Middle East by Flex-Europa are manufactured in China. The challenge is finding spec sheets and details. When you finally find their website you see the X16 Plus. It is the X16 that was displayed in Dubai.

My first question would be wanting to learn about the other models of Flex-Europa printers, such as E-Jet G334/12 and E-Jet G336/12?

Printers manufactured in Mainland China are covered in the FLAAR Reports on Chinese solvent ink printers. In this FLAAR Report we do our best to unravel which company makes which printers and who the distributors are. No one can figure out the manufacturer of every printer, since some printer manufacturers in China don’t even have websites, and some resellers of Chinese solvent-ink printers, even in America, don’t have websites either! But this FLAAR Reports is the most complete listing of Chinese inkjet manufacturers, brand names, and printer model designations that we have found so far.

We have found two probable origins of the Flex-Europa printers and we include this information in our publication on Chinese printers.

If you are visiting a sign trade show in Germany, Turkey, or the Middle East, visit the nice folks at the Flex-Europa booth. They also distribute the “Duster” which we estimate is the highly regarded Canadian carbon-filter system from Island Clean Air.

Flex-Europa Ejet Meteor printer
Flex-Europa Ejet Meteor printer at Dubai trade show 2009.

Flex-Europa S128 3204r
Here is the Flex-Europa S128 3204r printer at Viscom Germany trade show 2009.


First posted February 14, 2006.