ISIJet 1840 and ISIJet 3400 superwide grand format printer Print

We list the ISIjet 3400 and the Celupal version, plus how it relates to the Gretag Imaging and ColorSpan versions, in the FLAAR Reports discussion (comprehensive annotated list) of solvent ink printers.

ISIJet 3340 solvent ink printer evaluations
The ISIJet 3340 and ISIJet 1840 solvent printers were inspected in November 2008 by FLAAR editor Nicholas Hellmuth and Technical Writer from FLAAR, Juan Luis Sacayon, at Print Division, the largest billboard printing company in Slovenia, in Maribor, just a few kilometers south of Graz, Austria.

The same printer is also sold in Europe under a completely different name. RedHill sold the ISA solvent printers for a while, along with Chinese-made solvent printers. But RedHill did not last every long. However ISI still advertises their ISIJet 3400 grand format solvent printer (when I last checked in early May 2008).

The FLAAR Reports on solvent ink printers identifies every other brand name that the ISI printer is sold under (those that we know about so far).

Celupal, in Mexico, sold a version as their Celujet 110 or Celujet 140; the links on the Celupal website mistaken take you to their rebranded Epson printers, not their rebranded ISI printers, so we can't comment any further, other than to note that both Gretag (Oce) and ColorSpan both dropped this model.

The ISIJet 1840 is their special version of the successful Gator printer manufactured by ColorSpan. If I understand correctly, the ISIJet 1840 was intended to be used to print wallpaper in Europe. The ISI 1840 is manufactured by ISI; the 1840 is made by ColorSpan.

ISIJet 1840 solvent ink printer reviews
ISIJet 1840 and 3340 solvent printers are viable if you have in-house tech support that can accomplish all maintenance and repairs in-house. If you are thinking about buying the ISIJet 1840 or 3340 used, be sure to ask Dr Nicholas Hellmuth for a brief consulting session first.

I have also seen an ISIJet 2870 listed but am not familiar with this model. Actually the ISIJet 2870 is still listed on the ISI company web site (May 2008). ISI is a manufacturer of inkjet printers in Alabama. ISI manufactures the dedicated flatbed printer for RasterPrinters.

You might also want to check our free reports on Graphics of the Americas trade shows for 2004, 2005, and ISA 2004, 2005 for photos and comments on the ISIJet and Celupal printers. You can ask for us to send these trade show reports at no cost by just filling out the Inquiry-Survey form. You can receive up to 8 free reports from the free reports list.

Today (in 2008) ISI is still in business, indeed they were purchased by the large Japanese ink company INX. INX also owns Triangle Ink (California) and MegaInk (of the Czech Republic).

Most recently updated May 5, 2008.
First posted August 16, 2005. Updated Dec. 19, 2005.