Oce Arizona T220, 3D vacuum-mold press from Sign-Tronic, Oce Arizona 600, Oce CS6060 and Oce CS6100 solvent ink printers Print

This Oce Arizona T220 is one of the few flatbed printers that still uses solvent inks. Vutek dropped their solvent flatbed the minute they came out with a UV-cured ink version. Elsewhere solvent ink printers tend to be the first step towards developing such a UV-version. Thus at present Keundo has only a solvent flatbed, but it is unlikely it will survive once Keundo has a UV version.

But Oce has a reason to keep offering its solvent-based ink flatbed, namely because Oce (or its partner in South Africa, SignTronic) has developed a special ink that keeps its color when extruded or mold-formed into 3-D shapes. So you can print on pertinent rigid materials and then vacuum mold them into 3-D shapes and still have the ink cover the entire three-dimensional shape. Very impressive.

Oce Arizona T220, 3D vacuum-mold press from Sign-Tronic
Oce Arizona T220 flatbed solvent printer at FESPA trade show 2005.


Oce Arizona T220 flatbed solvent printer reviews
Oce Arizona T220 flatbed solvent printer, inks.

Oce Arizona 600

The other industrial strength solvent based ink printer that is designed and manufactured by Oce is their Arizona 600. Otherwise, Oce is rebranding the Seiko ColorPainter 64S as an Oce printer, the Oce CS6060. Oce rebadges the Seiko ColorPainter 100S as the Oce CS6100.

The Oce CS6060 and Oce CS6100 will cease about March 2006, as HP takes over world distribution of Seiko printers then.

Oce Arizona 600 solvent printer evaluations
Here is the Oce Arizona 600 solvent printer, FESPA trade show 2005.

Gandinnovations Jeti 3300

The Gandinnovations is not rebranded; they sell this outright as the JETi 3300. "Rebranding" means taking the printer of another company, having it painted a different color, have your own nameplate on the front instead of the original nameplate, and use a different ink container.


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First posted August 16, 2005.