Keundo SupraQ 3300 grand format and solvent inkjet flatbed printer Print

Keundo printers are proudly exhibited at FESPA, SGIA, ISA, DRUPA and comparable international trade shows. We have visited with Keundo executives and managers on many occasions at these shows.

We have undertaken a site-visit case study of the Keundo SupraQ 3300 printer four years ago. This would have been updated, but the university budget keeps getting cut by the State of Ohio, so unless we have sponsored research grant funds, projects with no funding get delayed. In fact most of our recent studies of printers take place at the manufacturing plant, since it is possible to get inside the printer (literally) in the factory. You can't see all the key parts of a printer at a hectic trade show. Although I have been to D.G.I., Dilli, and IP&I in Korea, I have still not visited the Keundo factory in Korea.

We describe the unusual aspects of the flatbed version of the Keundo SupraQ 3300 printer in our FLAAR Reports on flatbed solvent printers.

Keundo SupraQ 3300 printer reviews
The Keundo SupraQ 3300 printing some samples at SGIA 2004.


Keundo SupraQ 3300 printer evaluations
Keundo SupraQ 3300 printer at VISCOM Duesseldorf trade show 2005.

What about Keundo, Dilli, D.G.I. and other Korean solvent printers?

How do Keundo and D.G.I. solvent printers compare with Chinese printers such as FY Infiniti, Flora, Teckwin, etc? We comment on design capability and build quality of Korean printers relative to Chinese printers in an increasing number of pertinent FLAAR Reports. FLAAR has been visiting a sign shop that has four Infiniti solvent printers, one Infiniti UV printer, and a Roland AJ-1000 solvent printer. So we keep track of as many brands and models as possible. In general, printers made in Korea are well designed and significantly better constructed than printers made in China. The prime exception were solvent printers branded as Sprin: they were claimed to be Korean but looked like they were made in China and rebranded. Spin did not last long.

SupraQ 3300F, Keundo SupraQ 3300S, Keundo SupraQ 3300-Pro
Keundo booth at VISCOM Duesseldorf trade show 2005.



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