The current models of the popular grand format solvent ink printers are the Gandinnovations Jeti 3312, Gandinnovations Jeti 3324, Gandinnovations Jeti 5024 Print
Gandinnovations JETi 5000 solvent ink printer
Gandinnovations Jeti 3.3 solvent ink printer at trade show in 2003.

At every trade show we visit, whether in Istanbul, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, or across the USA, we saw the Gandinnovations Jeti 3312, Gandinnovations Jeti 3324, or Gandinnovations Jeti 5024 solvent ink machines during 2005-2006. Today for 2008 the newer Gandinnovations solvent printer models are comparable but with better ink chemistry.

Worldwide distribution

For Spain and Portugal these printers are available from New Solution (Eloi Ferreira), now part of the Gandy group. We have visited their customers and interviewed several others during trade shows in the Iberian Peninsula. We also know their capable tech support staff.

Same for their Middle East distributor, Superwide Digital, managed by Peter Afeiche. The management and tech support staff are highly qualified.

We know the distributor for Middle East and Africa as well. Although the company headquarters in Canada has filed for creditor protection, and now has filed for an extension past June, the entities in the Middle East, Africa, Spain and Portugal seem strong (other parts of the world may be okay as well but I don't have as much contact)..

All this is helpful to know because when you buy a printer it’s not just a machine that you buy, it is an entire support staff that you receive. When you buy a Chinese printer you may be in for surprises. The language barrier alone is a headache. Spare parts are another issue (and you need lots of them; we are now completing our initial site-visit of a Chinese-made UV printer and two site-visits of an Infiniti UV printer).

A year or so ago Oce had taken on marketing the 3.3 meter wide model of the JETi 3300 solvent ink grand format printer from Gandinnovations in some European countries. They have entered a highly competitive market, especially now that dozens of Korean and mainland Chinese companies are coming out with low-price grand format printers.

Our advice is to stick with major brand names with an established record. This is a polite way of saying consider Gandinnovations, HP Scitex and comparable companies that have an established track record. It is worth noting how many of these brands never made it: Lyson’s Tiara printer company went bankrupt. The nice Oce Arizona solvent ink printers simply could not compete. This is why you need to calculate which companies will survive. HP (ScitexVision), and EFI VUTEk will survive. Gandinnovations is trying hard to survive too.

Whether good or bad, at least you know what to expect from Gandinnovations, Scitex Vision (now HP Scitex), NUR (now also part of HP), etc. For 2009 we would add Seiko, since their ColorPainter H-104s is half the price of any grand format solvent printer, plus offers the advantages of mild-solvent ink.

As an institute dedicated to providing information about inkjet printers, FLAAR works hard to compile documentation on all these new printing companies. If you order the Solvent ink FLAAR Report Series from FLAAR now, you get five years of Nicholas Hellmuth's experience in checking out solvent ink printers all in one convenient batch of PDF downloads. The new report on the Seiko ColorPainter H-104s is even more recent (June 2009).

These reports are all in full-color and provide independent assessment of the pros and cons of Gandinnovations, ColorSpan 72si, Seiko 64s, DGI, Infiniti, Oce Arizona, Mutoh Toucan, Mimaki JV3, and other inkjet printer brands.

Site-visit Case studies of Gandinnovations Jeti solvent printers

Our publication is now available on a site-visit case study of the Gandinnovations Jeti 3300 solvent ink printer. One is in daily use near our FLAAR office in Guatemala. Then we visited an even larger print shop in Istanbul that had four Gandinnovations Jeti solvent ink printers.

Our FLAAR Reports on solvent ink printers are being updated with the results of these visits, because when you are sitting face to face with the president of the advertising and billboard printing company, he tells you very bluntly whether he is happy with his printers or not (in other words, are his clients happy and did he get a healthy ROI?).

The Gandinnovations JETi 5000 is a superwide grand format version. The newer model (2006, and 2007) is the Gandinnovations Jeti 5024.

The Gandinnovations JETi 3300 dye sub is the dye sublimation model.

FLAAR Reports on the Gandinnovations JETi 3150 UV-cured ink flatbed printer are available in our UV-curable ink flatbed series.

Nicholas was in Lisbon taking notes on this Gandinnovations Jeti 3.3 meter solvent printer. FLAAR is the only non-profit institute in the world that makes the effort to get out and learn from site-visit case studies the true pros and cons of what the printers are like in the real world. The resulting FLAAR Reports are updated with this documentation.
Gandinnovations Jeti Solvent Ink, Istanbul 2006.

Gandy solvent printers
Nicholas Hellmuth and Handan Oskay, formerly a writer and tri-lingual translator for SignGraphics magazine of Turkey , visiting DEHA outside Istanbul. DEHA has four Gandy solvent printers (two of each width).

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