Seiko I Infotech ColorPainter W-64s / W-54s; ink with no HAPs Print

At ISA trade show, April 2011, Seiko I Infotech Inc (SIIT) launched their new ColorPainer W-64s printer.

Seiko I Infotech ColorPainter
The new ColorPainted W-64s

The ColorPainter W-64s printer come out to the market, after Seiko I Infotech conducted a study in which the end users show the need for a versatile, economical and low maintenance printer.

This printer comes to replaces the previous model ColorPainter V-64s, which will remain available for those end users who remain interested in this model.

Seiko W-64s ColorPainted
Seiko ColorPainted W-64s at ISA, Las Vegas 2011

New Seiko ColorPainted W-64s
A front view for the new Seiko ColorPainted W-64s.

The W-64s uses new Seiko print heads that are rated for speed. Seiko is well known for being sure their inks provide bright quality colors. The printer offers four colors (CMYK) or six colors (CMYKLcLm). Also can be used with two different kind of ink:

  • GX Ink: low solvent ink, with good color, glossiness, adhesion, dry-time and long term outdoor durability.
  • IX Ink: Low odor, HAPs free, low solvent ink with good color, glossiness, adhesion, dry time and medium term outdoor durability.

Pablo Martinez taking notes of Seiko W-64s
Pablo Martínez, FLAAR technical writer, taking notes about the new ColorPainter W-64s

As with most solvent printers, this prints well on vinyl, banner, flex, papers, and mesh. Naturally vehicle wrap is another popular application for a printer that has bright colors.



Number of Print Heads

4 (for 4 color configuration), 6 (for 6 color configuration)

Print Speeds

26 – 191 sfpm
2.4 – 17.8 m2ph
22 – 182 sfpm
2.1 – 16.8 m2ph

Maximum Media Width

64” (1,626 mm) 54” (1,372 mm)

Maximum Print Width

63.6” (1,616 mm) 53.6” (1,362 mm)

Maximum Media Length

164´(50 m)

Margin Size

1/5” (5 mm) when using roll without edge guard

Paper Feed Method

Roll / Cut media


Vinyl, banner, backlit films, textile and other media designed for solvent printers

As soon as it is possible to undertake a site-visit case study at a customer site we will do so.


First posted May 11, 2011