Seiko ColorPainter 100s solvent based outdoor printer Print

When Seiko and HP formed an alliance, HP obtained distribution rights for the Seiko 64-inch printer but not for the Seiko 104-inch printer. So far the new HP 8000s and the HP 9000s mild-solvent inkjet printers are not stretch models. HP will probably have Scitex Vision handle the true grand format sizes (over 104 inches).

Seiko ColorPainter 100s
Seiko ColorPainter 100s

But we found the Seiko ColorPainter 100S in an HP booth at the Dubai Middle East Sign trade show 2006 (you can obtain that report on www.wide-format-printers.NET, in link to solvent ink printers). We also found the same printer rebranded by Blaze as a Nilejet II printer. As far as we can tell, that OEM under the Blaze name is no longer used now that HP has assimulated Scitex Vision as “HP Scitex…”

Mutoh Europe rather than doing a stretch model of the Toucan or Toucan LT, they stretched a new platform, the Mutoh Spitfire. Simultaneously Mutoh came out with a Mutoh Osprey, and the giant Mutoh Phoenix instead of depending solely on a stretch model.

The 104-inch Seiko ColorPainter 100s has been available since the ISA trade show, March 2005. During recent year 2006 trade shows, it is

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List of stretch-models of solvent inkjet printers

Stretch models are readily available from five manufacturers:

ColorSpan 98SI, 98.5 inches

Mimaki JV3-250SPF, 100.3 inches, 2.55 meters

Mutoh Osprey, 103 inches, 2.612 meters

Mutoh Spitfire, 102 inches, 2.60 meters

Roland SOLJET Pro II SJ-1000EX, 104 inches

Roland SOLJET Pro II V SJ-1045

Roland AdvancedJet AJ-1000 (new as of February 2006)

Seiko ColorPainter 100S, 104 inches



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