On some Chinese printers, such as MyJet 3308, it is tough to find photographs of each different model. Print

So far have found no website in English, and do not recognize this printer (under the name Kanger or MyJet) from any trade show in Europe or the US.

All that is easily available to learn is that these solvent ink printers use Xaar printheads, but so do a dozen other manufacturers with websites and international presence at trade shows such as Flora, Infinity, Yaselan and Teckwin.

It would help if Chinese printer manufacturers, such as Kanger could provide photographs of all their printer models and lists of their distributors and OEM brand names on the Internet. This is because Chinese printers copy not only from Japanese, European, and American printers, now Chinese printer designers copy the appearance of other brands from their own country: trying figuring out the difference between a Teckwin, Kanger, Flex-Europa, or Redhill (Redhill Middle East, not what Redhill used to sell in the US which was Yaselan).

Of course if each manufacturer provided this documentation, then there would be no need for the FLAAR Reports to provide lists of each Chinese printers. We can’t provide photos of all x-hundred printers, but our FLAAR Reports is the most thorough list available. Plus the FLAAR documentation is independent.

MyJet 3308, MyJet 3312, MyJet 2908, MyJet 2912 solvent ink printers
MyJet solvent ink printers at Instanbul 2006.


Kanger MyJet 3308, MyJet 3312, MyJet 2908, MyJet 2912 solvent ink printers
MyJet booth at Shanghai 2008.



First posted February 14, 2006.