Mimaki JV5-130S and Mimaki JV5-160S solvent printers slowly improve Print

Now that Hewlett-Packard has launched their HP Designjet 9000s and has announced the HP Designjet 8000s, this has sent a shock wave through the entire world of printers for outdoor graphics, outdoor signage that can produce durable outdoor banners.

Roland countered by showing their AdvancedJet AJ-1000. Mutoh has already revealed the Mutoh Osprey and Mutoh Spitfire last year.

Mimaki was the only company left that had not shown a new solvent inkjet printer to compete with the two new HP printers. This was changed when, at IPEX ’06 and ISA ‘06, Mimaki showed their JV5-130S and Mimaki JV5-160S

Mimaki makes great printers and had a real sales breakthrough with their JV3 several years ago. But then the Seiko, ColorSpan 72SI, Korean, and Chinese printers appeared. Thus we look forward to the Mimaki JV5-130S and JV5-160S.


First impressions of the Mimaki JV5-130S and JV5-160S

My personal first impression of the Mimaki JV5-130S and JV5-160S was favorable but from the beginning this printer was clouded with comments about the ink not drying fast enough.

reviews Mimaki JV5-160S
Mimaki JV5-160S

My overall concept of Mimaki has been favorable for years in part because I have experienced Mimaki quality directly with their JV4 water-based printer. Plus Mimaki was the one company honest enough to have realized that the first generation of eco-solvent inks (circa 2001-2003) were inadequate and downright unacceptable. It was not until the third generation eco-solvent inks, that was much acceptable, that Mimaki offered these inks in a comprehensive manner in the US .

But regrettably, the feedback from industry and from end-users has not been very positive on the JV5-130S and JV5-160S. I need to do some site-visit case studies, but the State of Ohio had a 3-million dollar deficit for our university alone, so there is no university funding whatsoever for reviews of wide-format inkjet printers. As a result, all travel to visit printshops has to be funded from other sources.

But the comments that come in on a regular basis suggest that caution should be used.

In 2007 Mimaki launched stretch models (actually they are strengthened stretch models), the Mimaki JV5-260S and Mimaki JV5-320S. They were prototypes, not yet finished products, as is the tradition at a trade show.

Mimaki JV5 solvent evaluations
Here is the Mimaki JV5 solvent, at a Sign Madrid trade show.


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