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Book reviews of publications on color management

Some RIP software is great for a basic HP or Canon printer for a 1-person printer situation. But if you have a serious solvent printer, or a UV-curable flatbed printer, you may prefer an industrial strength RIP solution. Caldera is the brand that more and more UV-curable flatbed printer manufacturers are selecting.

I have been evaluating RIP companies and their products for about eleven years. At FLAAR we first used an EFI Fiery RIP until we found out that PosterJet had more features and was more upgradable.

Then we switched to Wasatch RIP because we need a solution that would also work with Epson printers.

Now that most of our evaluations are of solvent and UV printers, every time I was in the demo room at the world headquarters of various major printer manufacturers, I noticed that Caldera RIP was the software in their demo room.

Caldera VisualRip+, Caldera GrandRip+ evaluations
Caldera RIP software for UV flatbed and solvent printers at Durst factory visit.
Caldera GrandRip+ offer linearization
Caldera RIP software at VISCOM Germany 2008.

FLAAR is offering personalized consulting at each trade show. You can walk-the-floor with the Senior Editor of FLAAR and get his comments on any and all printers, inks, RIP software, color management, substrates, applications, etc.

So if you wish to learn about the difference between combo, hybrid, and dedicated UV printers, how latex ink compares, about textile printers, etc. contact FLAAR to obtain consulting.

You can also get consulting before ISA or FESPA anywhere in the world: Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, China, Korea, London and more.

So I realized that it would be good to get to know Caldera RIP better, so a visit was arranged for several days at their world headquarters outside Strasbourg, France. You can find them on the Internet more easily if you remember that their web site is caldera.EU, not

Caldera is a substantial, successful, and growing RIP software company. I have been noticing their presence at trade shows both in the US and in Europe. I even see the Caldera team in the Middle East, China, and at events elsewhere too.

Since DRUPA 2008, FLAAR has made available its report on Caldera RIP. This is downloadable from all pages.

Print and Cut, both within your RIP software

With more printshops adding a flatbed cutter (Kongsberg, Zund, Gerber, etc), it is helpful that Caldera RIP can add the cutting coordinate dots needed for the industry leading i-cut vision software. This is the Caldera CgrandCUT feature.

Caldera RIP plus Spectraphotometer

Naturally you can use the brand of spectrophotometer that you prefer. But you can also opt for a coordinated system of Caldera RIP plus a Caldera branded spectrophotometer called totalcolor.

New features during 2009 into 2010

The Ghostscript engine (popular since the 1990's) is being replaced gradually by Adobe Postscript and EPS. Plus of course Caldera RIP today can handle a larger range of printers. Your Caldera resource nearest you will be able to list the coverage available today.

Caldera Flow+

The brand name Calder is related to the volcanic caldera. Flow (I am making an educated guess) is the lava flow. When I sit at my desk in Guatemala, I can see four volcanos, of which one is active, so I have a bit of experience with volcanic flows.

FLOW+, launched in 2008, is a workflow solution. To best understand workflow solution, it is recommended you visit the Caldera booth at any major trade show in the US (SGIA or ISA) or Europe (VISCOM Paris, VISCOM Italy, FESPA, etc).

solvent roll-fed and UV flatbed printers, Caldera RIP
Caldera RIP, Wide Format Imaging
Caldera RIP, Wide Format Imaging at SGIA 2008.
Caldera RIP, olor management with custom ICC color profiling for solvent roll-fed and UV flatbed printers.
The Caldera booth at FESPA Digital, Amsterdam 2009.

reviews Caldera RIP software for UV printers and Solvent printers
Here is Nicholas Hellmuth using the Caldera RIP software at Mutoh factory visit.

Most recently updated December 2009.

First posted April 2008.