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Island Clean Air, also known as ICA, makes mobile air filtration systems. I know ICA “Duster” air purification systems from year after year of their trade show presence, especially at trade shows throughout the USA. Increasingly I see their ICA air cleaning systems next to solvent printers in the booths of solvent printer manufacturers.

Island Clean Air ICA photograph Duster 2000 FLAAR Reports evaluation Air

FLAAR headquarters in USA now has an Island Clean Air unit installed. It is on daily and really has cleaned up the airborne dust. You should definitely look into ICA equipment for offices, homes, and especially print shops (and any kind of facility or factory where there is dust).

Same in Europe: I see ICA managers, booths, and equipment in booths of solvent printer manufacturers at FESPA and some VISCOM events. Island Clean Air definitely has the most visible presence of any air purification equipment manufacturer.

Island Clean Air, also known as ICA, makes mobile air filtration systems Island Clean Air solvent
Island Clean Air (ICA), Duster, solvent ink air purification systems.

Island Clean Air also makes air purification units for industrial applications, especially automotive assembly and the car body repair industry

If your car has been in a collision, chances are the body repair shop that worked on it has an Island Clean Air air filtration system.

Island Clean Air for medical use: ICA GermPRO HEPA air filtration system

Too many people die in a hospital from a disease they catch inside the hospital, then die from what brought them into the hospital to begin with. That's because a hospital, by its very nature, is filled with very sick people. All the air that they breathe out has their germs; all the air that you breathe in may have their germs too. So to filter out microbes, ICA has made the GermPRO HEPA air filtration system. Actually, during flu season every winter, I would like to have an ICA GermPRO HEPA air filtration system in my offices too!

Island Clean Air is owned by Joe Lim since 2004

Joe Lim and Nicholas Helmuth at Island Clean Air Factory
Joe Lim and Nicholas Helmuth at Island Clean Air (ICA) Factory

FLAAR prefers to personally inspect the headquarters and manufacturing plants of companies whose products we write about. So I have visited manufacturing plants in Switzerland (Zund and Spuhl/L&P Virtu) Austria (Durst Rho UV), Italy (Durst Lambda, Durst Theta), Czech Republic (GRAPH uv printers), Spain (HP large format printer world headquarters), Belgium (Mutoh Europe factory and headquarters), Germany (BEST RIP before EFI bought them), the UK (Inca, Sun FastJet, AIT Shiraz RIP and XAAR printheads), China (Teckwin, Honghua/Infiniti, Chitang/MyJet), Taiwan (GCC), Korea (Yuhan-Kimberly textile printers, IP&I UV printers, D.G.I. solvent printers, Dilli UV printers), Israel (HP Indigo, HP Scitex, NUR (twice), Bordeaux after-market ink, CreoScitex(Kodak), Objet Geometries rapid-prototyping manufacturer), US (MacDermid ColorSpan), and Canada (Gandinnovations, Drytac, and Island Clean Air in Vancouver). So it has been possible to meet Joe Lim, the owner of Island Clean Air since 2004. I also see Larry Miller and Ron Peters at trade shows around the world, as well as their major distributor in Florida.

Compare with other brands such as Amaircare, Hepalta, Environ Air, PAT Technology

InovaAir for Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland, HP, DGI, Seiko, Oce: InovaAir E300 air purifier, E400, E600. But I have not seen any InovaAir booth, nor have I visited their home office and definitely not their factory. I have inspected the home office and the factory of Island Clean Air, I see their booth at major trade shows both in the US and in Europe, and I know their major distributor in Florida.

Oce offers an air purification system for it's low solvent printers, as documentation that these do
Gerber printer with ICA, air purification system

Oce offers an air purification system for its low solvent systems.

Low solvent, lite solvent, mild-solvent and eco-solvent are misleading terms. Just because they do not have cyclohexanone does not mean you want to breathe them 8 hours a day. The consensus in the industry is that the entire family of solvent inks, specifically including low solvent, lite solvent, mild-solvent, and eco-solvent inks, in addition to the really nasty full-solvent inks, are hazardous to your health. Yes, low-solvent, lite-solvent, and mild-solvent are supposedly less lethal. And we admire the new ink formulation of Gandinnovations. Gandy is a leader in working specifically to lower the noticeable odor of their solvent inks for their Jeti 3312 and Jeti 3324 solvent printers.

Oce offers an air purification system for it's low solvent printers, as documentation that these do indeed need air purification.

What about ventilating HP latex ink?

HP latex ink is an entirely new ink chemistry that was unveiled at a special pre-DRUPA 2008 event at HP Scitex facilities in Israel in March 2008. I was there for three days to learn about the new HP latex ink . I will have further training on this HP latex ink in Barcelona (world headquarters of the HP wide-format printing division). As soon as more knowledge is available on the HP latex ink, we will report our findings.

UV fumes need to be extracted and purified too

Most ads for UV printers claim there are no VOCs or few VOCs. Wow, except that only means there are no or few VOCs to poison you, your co-workers, and the atmosphere that we leave to our children as their polluted heritage. There are a lot more noxious chemicals emitted by printer inks than VOCs. And just because an ink does not have easily identifiable carcinogenic chemicals such as So the toxicity of UV ink is simply so new that it's flavors are not yet known. “low toxicity” is somewhat like being “slightly pregnant.”


First posted May 13, 2008.