AFC1600/2200 Water-Based Flood Coater Print

Now that so many printshops have UV-cured flatbed or roll-to-roll printers, their clients seek more glossy or at least a satin appearance. This you can achieve by running your prints through liquid coater.

A coater is similar to a laminator, but is for coating, not lamination. Liquid lamination today can be water-based (aqueous) or UV-cured.

The Drytac AFC 1600/2200 is compatible with most roll-to-roll solvent, eco-solvent and pigmented inkjet printers, AFC (aqueous flood coaters) liquid coating systems protect inkjet graphics on vinyl, PSA, non-porous textiles, wet strength paper wall covering, canvas and other flexible substrates and can also function as flash drying devices for hard-to-dry inks.

The AFC 1600/2200 is a user friendly coater machine, requires minimal operator training, just choose the temperature, load and web the media, turn on the pump and begin coating. A filtered recirculation system eliminates the need for damming the liquid during operation. Multiple coating tanks with disconnect feature allow easy switching between coatings.

Technical Specifications AFC 1600/2200


AFC 1600
AFC 2200

Max. Coat Width

63” (1.6 m)

86.6” (2.2 m)

Max. Coating Thickness

32 microns (1.2 mil)

Forward/Reverse Speed

1 - 9 ft/min (.3 - 2.75 mpm)

Coater Size: (L x W x H)

80.5”x 37”x 41.5”

94” x 38” x 41.5”

Electrical Requirements

208-240VAC 50/60 Hz 1 ph


Prepared: June 6, 2011.