AFC1600/2200 Water-Based Flood Coater only used; not new Print

Now that so many printshops have UV-cured flatbed or roll-to-roll printers, their clients seek more gloss or at least a satin appearance. This you can achieve by running your prints through a liquid coater.

Drytac AFC 1600/2200 water based flood coater exhibited in Drytac booth

Drytac booth at SGIA 2012

A coater is similar to a laminator, but is for coating, not lamination. Liquid lamination today can be water-based (aqueous) or UV-cured.

Drytac AFC 2200WB coater

Drytac AFC 1600/2200 water based flood coater exhibited at SGIA 2012.

The Drytac AFC 1600/2200 is compatible with most roll-to-roll solvent, eco-solvent and pigmented inkjet printers, AFC (aqueous flood coaters) liquid coating systems protect inkjet graphics on vinyl, PSA, non-porous textiles, wet strength paper wall covering, canvas and other flexible substrates and can also function as flash drying devices for hard-to-dry inks.

Drytac AFC 1600-2200 WB coater

Pablo Martinez inspectong the Drytac AFC 1600/2200 coater in SGIA 2012.

The AFC 1600/2200 is a user friendly coater machine, requires minimal operator training, just choose the temperature, load and web the media, turn on the pump and begin coating. A filtered recirculation system eliminates the need for damming the liquid during operation. Multiple coating tanks with disconnect feature allow easy switching between coatings.

Technical Specifications
AFC 1600/2200
AFC 1600 AFC 2200
Max. Coat Width 63" (1.6 m) 86.6" (2.2 m)
Max. Coating Thickness 32 microns (1.2 mil)
Forward/Reverse Speed 1 - 9 ft/min (.3 - 2.75 mpm)
Coater Size: (L x W x H) 80.5"x 37"x 41.5" 94" x 38" x 41.5"
Electrical Requirements 208-240VAC 50/60 Hz 1 ph

Drytac is a capable company

Drytac is a good company with experienced and honest owner, executives, and managers. We have also enjoyed the hospitality of the laminator operators in their booth.

But nowadays probably more than 75% of the laminators around the world are made in China (and most are rebranded by distributors).

The market for coating machines is tough, since most print shops know laminators but have not previously used a coater.

For a variety of reasons Drytac stopped marketing their brand of coater about two years ago. So if you see one used, the natural question is who would really provide service and spare parts in the future.

There are other brands, but until we test each brand, we do not issue any pro or con comments (other than one brand did an iffy job of coating the last time we inspected it at a trade show).

As soon as another manufacturer or distributor requests an evaluation, we will be able to update this page with comments on alternative brands of coaters.

FLAAR staff at Drytac booth in SGIA 2012

FLAAR staff at Drytac booth in SGIA 2012.

Drytac AFC 1600/2200 water based flood coater

Drytac AFC 1600 / 2200

Drytac AFC 2200WB coater

Drytac AFC 1600/2200 water based flood coater.

Drytac AFC 1600-2200 WB coater

Another view of the Drytac AFC 1600/2200 coater in FESPA Hamburg 2011.

Updated Jan 2, 2014.
First posted June 6, 2011.