SIP, the leading trade magazine in Germany for screen and digital printing Print

SIP, the leading trade magazine in Germany for screen and digital printing

SIP is a Fachzeitschrift für Siebdruck, Digitaldruck, Sign Making & Werbetechnik. In English this means it is an industry oriented publication for screen printing, digital printing, sign making and advertising techniques (or technology).


I consider SIP the leading magazine in Europe for several reasons, the main reason being that the editor, Uwe Heinish, asks pointed questions and does not accept bland PR answers. Roland Gruber, the owner and publisher, supports this ethical journalism. I would rate SIP as the most daring trade magazine that I know in the world.

I consider it a compliment to have any manufacturer walk up and say they will never advertise again because a magazine dared point out weak features of a product.

I do not know the specific philosophy of trade magazine editors, but I evaluate printers and associated equipment because I am personally interested in learning new technology. Plus I am curious which printers, software, and finishing equipment can best reproduce the photographs that I take in Guatemala (see So the entire evaluation program of FLAAR is because we ourselves are looking for a printer that is best to show quality in a printed image at large sizes.

But I also recognize that other end-users may prefer less quality and faster speed. This we realize, so we evaluate printers on the basis of diverse preferences of the 340,000 readers of this web site (our other major web site,, which covers textile and water-based printers, is read by almost a million people a year).

SIP trade magazine, screen printing, digital printing, sign making and advertising techniques
SIP trade magazine covers at VISCOM Germany 2008.

Topics covered by SIP Magazine

SIP naturally covers all the leading signage and inkjet trade shows in Europe.

SIP provides place for guest authors, for example Kevin Currier of VUTEk. He is an accomplished photographer at professional level as well as being a long-time manager at VUTEk's main office in New Hampshire. Currier's article was on wall decoration.

Since FESPA is one of the significant events in the wide-format inkjet printer industry worldwide it is not surprising that there is a pre-FESPA preview, a FESPA-focused issue, and then a post-FESPA summary.

Color management is naturally covered and occasionally SIP does articles on digital photography imaging (handling things in Adobe Photoshop or other aspects). In 2007 already SIP covered university institute research on special UV-curing inks for textiles (SIP 4/2007).

Verlagshaus Gruber GmbH

Verlagshaus Gruber GmbH is the company owned by Roland Gruber. You can meet him at most major European signage trade shows. They also publish three other successful trade magazines on fashion oriented textile decoration themes.

Uwe Heinish is the head editor. I myself have a tough time handling wide-format inkjet's main chemistries: UV, all the flavors of solvent, water-based, textiles, plus accessories for the workflow such as RIP software and lamination. To also write about screen printing equipment documents a remarkable wave-length of brain cells and experience. In other words, Uwe Heinish handles screen printing and wide-format inkjet printing both.

Verlagshaus Gruber GmbHMax-Planck-Str. 2D-64859 Eppertshausen

Telefon: +49 (0) 6071 3941 - 0. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SIP, the leading trade magazine in Germany for screen and digital printing
SIP trade magazine booth at VISCOM Germany 2008.


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Here are some articles by Nicholas Hellmuth published in SIP trade magazine.


First posted Feb, 6, 2009.