Agfa replaces unfinished :Anapurna 100 with :Anapurna X and :Anapurna XL Print

This model has been replaced by the :Anapurna 2500 LED printer. At IPEX 2006 and simultaneously at ISA 2006, Agfa launched their :Anapurna X and Anapurna XL to replace the :Anapurna 100. So you can tell there has been a number of replacements, which nobody guarantees will not continue. Now that Agfa acquired Gandinnovations, none of these models are exhibited any more, because the company's high-end solutions are covered by the Agfa :Jeti printers.

The :Anapurna 100 was the same body as the Mutoh Cobra (to be manufactured by Mutoh Europe in Belgium ). Mutoh then launched the Mutoh Cobra S65uv and Mutoh Cobra S100uv. It got complex quickly: Agfa replaced the Anapurna 100 with the Anapurna XLS.

Now Mutoh is trying to keep alive its current UV-cured model, the Zephyr, which is too expensive considering the limited number of applications you can produce with it.

Reportedly the :Anapurna X and :Anapurna XL were manufactured by an Asian company that is not Mutoh. The FLAAR Reports will cover this specifically now that full information is available. The OEM model is one we already know from earlier trade shows.

Today comparative price, ROI, cost, performance, and tech support are all factors. Speed, resolution are being improved with every new season. The competition in 2012 would be the Durst Rho 600 Pictor, the HP Scitex FB950, the EFI VUTEk GS 3250. Once upon a time a competitor was perhaps the DuPont CromaPrint 22UV, but its engineering was deficient and DuPont had to withdraw from the UV printer market.

The Oce Arizona flatbeds become competitive. The early versions had issues that we detailed in a number of FLAAR Reports. But if you are considering a flatbed competitor that also prints on roll-to-roll, then you ought to check the JETRIX 2030 FRK UV flatbed printer.


Comprehensive FLAAR Report on the :Anapurna L and XL

Available now is an expanded update of our coverage of the Agfa :Anapurna L and XL, which naturally also covers the Mutoh Cobra S65uv and S100uv (since they were all the same machine, in two sizes). But today (2012), Mutoh no longer cooperates with Agfa, and Mutoh has its own printer, the Mutoh Zephyr (which is a hybrid style, not a combo style with moving transport belt).

Agfa :Anapurna L printer at FESPA Digital trade show 2006.


The Agfa :Anapurna XL printer was exhibited at FESPA Digital trade show 2006.


Here is the Agfa :Anapurna XL printer showing some samples at Madrid trade show 2006.



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