FujiFilm CPP-54 Print

FujiFilm has been exhibiting two different large format inkjet printers at trade shows recently. One is the CPP-54, the other is the Epson 9000.

large format printer FujiFilm CPP-54 The CPP-54 is probably the Brady (few people at the Fuji booth knew what was under the hood, or did not wish to indicate it). Overall the people at several trade shows did not put much emphasis in the large format printers at the FujiFilm booth. We were also unable to find a Fuji C550 Lanovia flatbed scanner at CeBIT or at PMA trade show either.

But here is the FujiFilm CPP-54. Can't say anything more about it because information is scarce. When have one in-house, however, we can learn more what this printer can do. In the meantime, we continue testing the Encad and Hewlett-Packard large format printers.

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