ColorSpan Displaymaker 98UVX Print
There is now a new entry-level hybrid flatbed printer to consider

This 98-inch version of the 72UVX is relatively new. These are all a hybrid form of UV printer. The newer MacDermid ColorSpan 9840 is a combo UV printer, not a hybrid. We inspected the 9840 at the factory where it is manufactured. These printers are made in Minneapolis, not in China.

It is essential to understand the difference in efficiency and productivity between a

  • hybrid UV,
  • combo UV,
  • dedicated flatbed UV
  • and dedicated roll-to-roll UV.

We explain all this in Series 2 of the UV Series of FLAAR Reports.

Then at FESPA Digital trade show in Amsterdam it was possible to see the 9800 and the 98UVX and all the competing printers: DuPont CromaPrint 22UV, the ColorSpan 9840 (shown for the first time worldwide at this trade show), the Grapo Octopus, the Agfa :Anapurna L and XL, Mutoh Cobra s65uv and s100uv printers, Neolt UV and the Eastech Scutum (GO Fuzion UV). But many of these UV printers did not survive: Mutoh, Eastech and Fuzion. This is why it helps to select a UV printer of a company that will provide service for many years (ColorSpan provides service for printers more than 7 years; I have seen ColorSpan printers that are over 10 years old, still getting service and tech support from MacDermid).

But one of these printer brands was having problems at FESPA (it was not the ColorSpan, it was another brand). All the mechanics were gathered around the printer trying to make it work. What if this printer was the one you decided to buy? So we discuss this kind of problem in the FLAAR Reports on the problematic brand. Each FLAAR Report is unique, and is based on knowledge of the pros and cons of each model, along with practical tips, and background information that is not available in any other source.

ColorSpan Displaymaker 98UVX printer reviews
ColorSpan Displaymaker 98UVX printer. Dubai, 2006.


ColorSpan Displaymaker 98UVX printer evaluations
ColorSpan Displaymaker 98UVX printer, inks.





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First posted May 11, 2006.