Seiko ColorPainter 64s became the HP Designjet 9000s Print

We did not see the Turkish distributor of Sam Ink at Sign Istanbul 2015. But one reason was probably that Seiko was dropped into OKI company, so Turkey distributor had nothing more to show. So absence of this distributor from Sign Istanbul was not necessarily related to Sam Ink.

But when Sam Ink was absent from SGIA 2015, this is the first time in many years we have not seen them. We are not familiar with what has caused this.

The Seiko ColorPainter 64s mild-solvent printer became a best-seller several years ago. It was so popular that HP bought exclusive rights to it. For about three years HP sold the Seiko as the HP Designjet 9000s, then HP 10000s, and then a lower-priced model the HP Designjet 8000s.

Here is Dr Hellmuth (FLAAR Reports) with Richard Wong (R & D manager, a key software engineer of Sam-Ink), Stephen Loh (owner/manager of Tri-Coast), and Sam Leong, owner of Sam-Ink) standing behind the HP Designjet 9000s which uses mild-solvent ink from Sam-Ink to replace the original HP ink.

But HP was new to solvent inks and after a few years gave up and jumped to latex ink in 2008. But thousands of people around the world still have the HP Designjet 9000s, 8000s, or 10000s version of the Seiko ColorPainter.

Since original OEM ink tends to be expensive, during the present economic crisis that started in 2008-2009, it is understandable that print shop owners, managers, and printer operators would seek a lower priced ink during 2010. So now is a good time to look at the ink provided in the yellow boxes by Sam-Ink of Singapore.

Here is the HP Designjet 9000s with the Sam Ink cartridges at the factory visit in Singapore.

Inspection of the ink factory and Inspection of end-users

To find out if an ink is good my first step is to visit the world headquarters, and the ink factory, and then find end-users. The end-user can tell me whether the ink is acceptable. The ink factory will show me whether the chemists are capable and competent. And visiting the company headquarters will reveal whether the company itself, the owner and managers, are people you can trust.

So I spent about a week in Singapore inspecting the ink factory, company offices, speaking with managers, owner, chemist, software engineers. Then I visited several print shops who were using the ink. All the results are in the new FLAAR Report that is now issued.

We are in the process of making the FLAAR Reports on Sam Ink available in Spanish, Russian, and eventually in Chinese.

In this photo Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth (in the middle) holding one of the compounds for the Sam inks at the factory visit, Singapore 2010.






After-Market Mild Solvent Ink from Sam-Ink for HP-Seiko printers
After-Market Ink for HP water-based printers Sam Ink



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