Drytac DES 4-Foam, edge finishing adhesive system for Foamcore, Forex, Sintra, or Kappaboard Print

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The DES-4 is designed to work with a variety of display boards, adding decorative edging and protecting the substrate against edge damage.

The original brand name for this machine is DES-4 FOAM but Drytac decided to remove the FOAM extension to avoid confusion because this machine can handle more media than just foam. In other words, this clever Drytac DES-4 can put nice “solid” edges on BioBoard, Re-Board, X-board (Xanita), Falconboard, and comparable sandwich construction of often honeycomb kraft paper covered with printable white surface top and bottom.

The edge strip can be applied to virgin boards, UV or screen printed, precoated and laminated boards from 5 mm to 45 mm in foam and solid center boards like Foamex, MDF, Gatorfoam, Forex and also allow the use of recycled boards.

The machine possesses 4 blades (two on every station) to cut away the excesses of the edge. The first ones cut the beginning and the end of the edge and other two cut the excess of the top and low part of the edge to keep the evenness of the material. At the back side of the machine you find the control with which you graduate the height of cut for the blades. The blades have an approximate duration of 2 years.

It uses a special glue that dries rapidly, approximately 1 second. This glue is special since there is melted to minor temperature (aprox. 200°C), it can go on from totally cold to ideal condition in 20 minutes and from stand-by mode to ideal way in 10 minutes.

The machine system is user-friendly, you can handle almost all the functions at the control panel, except the graduation of the blades, that you adjust at the back side.

The maintenance of the machine is very simple. It is only necessary to keep the wheels free of dust and glue, lubricate from time to time certain parts of the machine, as well as clean from time to time the applicator of glue to prevent it from accumulating dust or other particles.

The DES-4 doesn’t have a table for feeding or receiving the media but you can buy one separately if you want. Also Drytac suggests the use of extractors (not included with the machine) for the extraction of the powder or resultant material to the moment of the cut.

FLAAR is pleased to see innovative equipment of this nature to assist printshops to create cut-outs that have attractive edges. There is a boom in the use of BioBoard, Re-Board, X-board (Xanita), Falconboard, and comparable printable structurally rigid cardboard-core materials. And there is a parallel rise in the need for anyone owning a UV flatbed printer to also consider an XY-contour cutter/router (such as Kongsberg, the high-end premium brand of this class of flatbed cutter/router).

Drytac DES 4 SGIA 2009.
Drytac DES 4 edge finishing front view at SGIA trade show, 2009.

Drytac DES 4-Foam, edge finishing adhesive system for Foamcore, Forex, Sintra, or Kappaboard
Drytac DES 4 edge finishing rear view at SGIA trade show, 2009.

Drytac DES 4-Foam, edge finishing adhesive system for Foamcore, Forex, Sintra, or Kappaboard
Drytac DES 4-Foam edge finishing adhesive system for interior signage was exhibited at FESPA Amsterdam trade show, 2009.
PVC, ABS edging on boards Gatorfoam, Sintra, Forex, Kappaboard, X-Board, BioBoard, StructaBoard, XanitaBoard Ecoboard.


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