FLAAR will cover more wide-format printer inkjet inks, media and substrates in 2012 Print

FLAAR will cover more wide-format printer inkjet inks, media and substrates in 2012

You may have noticed that FLAAR covers a lot more than just printers this year. (plus we hope you like our new home page style).

This is because what counts is the ink. New and different ink is signficantly more important than just another new printer (which uses the same old UV-cured or solvent ink). Plus new (eco-friendly green) substrates are available (but beware of greenwashing, which means fake claims of eco-friendly that don't admit the full truth of the chemical composition of the ink or substrate).

So FLAAR is increasingly a consultant for ink companies and manufacturers of substrates. By visiting ink labs, R&D departments, test centers, and ink demo facilities we learn the reality of the new inks so that we can better assist the over 596,000 readers on this large-format site (UV-cured and solvent inks) and over 917,000 on www.wide-format-printers.org (water-based, CAD, giclee, photo, indoor POP signage, textile printing etc). printshop owners, managers, printer operators, and printing company personnel who depend on the FLAAR Reports to help plan what to purchase.

So over a million people around the world read the FLAAR Reports; this is a readership count; not a visitor count (which is several million) and not a hit count (which is millions a month). What we count is individuals. We substract duplicate visits etc to lower the count from the actual total to a one million+ accurate list. The count is software based and is independent. Plus we test the count by switching topics and watch the readership change as a result.


In 2012 we are considering visiting more factories of UV-cured inkjet printers to prepare new FLAAR Reports.