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Beijing Sign Show (March 10-13, 2012)

Updated March 12, 2012. First posted March 7, 2012

Nicholas Hellmuth as a VIP guest in BSS Beijing opening ceremony

The first day the organizers asked FLAAR to be on the stage to help cut-the-ribbon at the opening ceremony.

The second day, March 11, Dr Hellmuth was the moderator at a conference on wide-format inkjet printheads. There were knowledgeable speakers from Konica Minolta, Seiko, Xaar and Fujifilm Dimatix (Spectra).

JHF printer displayed at BSS Beijing expo, 2012 tradeshows images

Third day three of us from FLAAR Reports took about 520 photographs: every booth, probably 90% of every printer of all ink types.

Largest booth (actually three adjacent booths) was of JHF (JHF Vista and Leopard), which is a substantial factory in the greater Beijing area. Another booth at the main China Convention Center (adjacent to the Olympic park) was of Kincolor (Saven ink), another Beijing-located company.

The initial publication should be ready in a week; the in-depth analysis of the TRENDs we observed will take a month to process. Frankly I never expected to find the surprises, and learn about things not one single other source has talked about before.

Amazing what is going on discretely behind the scenes. Actually most of what we learn is provided via in-person presentations of Dr Hellmuth directly to individuals who have requested this service. We do not put this level of knowledge into a PDF: we deliver and discuss this in-person in private meetings.