FLAAR Reports team at Chinese ceramics expo Print

FLAAR Reports team at Chinese ceramics expo

Posted May 28, 2012

Dr Nicholas and graphic designer Alejandra were in Guangzhou to inspect the in-line ceramics printers of almost a dozen manufacturers at the Ceramics China 2012 expo.

Inside view of Hall 1, Ceramics China 2012 at Guangzhou. FLAAR images.Inside view of Hall 1, Ceramics China 2012 at Guangzhou.

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In Guangzhou so many printer company personnel and managers were hospitable to the FLAAR team (Hellmuth and photographer/graphic designer Alejandra). It is appreciated when the staff take and make the time to answer our questions: efi Cretaprint, Teckwin, King Tau (Crystal), Gongzheng were the most notable.

Several booths had zero speakers of English or European language (I can also speak Deutsch and Espanol). So for several brands we simply skip them (and concentrate on the many printer companies that facilitate our helping our million+ readers to learn about options for printing on ceramics). So in booths where the personnel speak English, such as Longier (and all the brands first mentioned) it makes a huge difference when there is easy communication (though I am trying hard to learn Mandarin).

Teckwin booth at Ceramics China expo, Guangzhou 2012Teckwin booth at Ceramics China expo, Guangzhou 2012

The other aspect which helps is when access is facilitated so we can visit end-users who actually have the printer at work out in the real world. So this week it was possible to document that the Teckwin in-line ceramics printer is doing a great job in a ceramics factory at Foshan (world center of ceramic production other than Spain and Italy).

Ceramics China 2012, Single-Pass (fixed array) in-line Inkjet Printers for CeramicsRequires latest version of Adobe Flash player.

Also have been taking notes on many manufacturers of ceramic frit ink (since most of these printers are NOT using UV-cured ink (which does not last long enough in the sun). Return every two days for more updates.