Sign Istanbul was definitely worth visiting Print

Sign Istanbul was definitely worth visiting

Updated June 6, 2014
Previously updated December 2013, posted Oct 10, 2013


We have enjoyed visiting Istanbul, exploring this remarkable city, and attending Sign Istanbul for many years. So two of us from FLAAR flew to Sign Istanbul in late November again last year (2013). We appreciate the expo organizers for providing the tickets and hotel so that we could study this expo.

Because there are so many expos around the world it is not realistic to attend all. But we find Sign Istanbul worth attending since it is international, relatively large, and thus offers a full range of signage and wide-format inkjet printer products.

Most expos have entertainting PR releases, promising everything and claiming the world's best. This kind of constant blast of PR releases vary from embarrassing to misleading.

We do not make any profit from any expo; yes, of course expos select our team to inspect their expo, but they cover only round trip airfare, hotel, and meals. And most important, we say what we feel is appropriate about an expo; never do we accept the PR releases of the expo organizer (not even of expos for which we are consultant).

If you wish to see the most diverse range of products in Turkey, in the signage and wide-format world, with brands from many areas of the world, be sure to come to beautiful friendly Istanbul for Sign Istanbul 2014, at new dates in early autumn.

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