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Our decade of experience is available to you as a distributor

FLAAR provides consulting to distributors worldwide. We are also consultants for print shop owners and managers, and for manufacturers (of printers, inks, printable materials, etc).

We can especially assist distributors in North America, Central America, Latin America including Brazil, Europe (both Western Europe and Eastern Europe), Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We have also attended trade shows in Australia, Taiwan, etc and inspected several printer and ink factories in Korea.

Since we have often inspected print shops (in pretty much every part of the world), we also are familiar with what printer shop owners, managers, and printer operators are looking for.

Worldwide experience in consulting
Dr Hellmuth was a consultant for six months solid for the Japanese National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka (consultant for scanning, Adobe Photoshop, and digital imaging, circa 1996-1997). This is actually where the FLAAR Reports first began to be issued.

Dr Nicholas was again a consultant in digital photography and digital imaging for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage of (the island of) Malta. He lived in Malta during this time (though still flew back and forth to printer expos in the USA).

For five years Dr Nicholas was a Visiting Research Professor in digital imaging technology at two universities (he was at both universities simultaneously, in Ohio and in Guatemala City). The research facilities at these two universities was funded in part by two manufacturers of wide-format inkjet printers and a distributor.