Autumn 2019: its wide-format inkjet printer trade show time Print

Autumn 2019: its wide-format inkjet printer trade show time

Posted August 30, 2019

Sign Africa Expo 2019 is 11-13 September in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sign Africa Expo 2019 is co-located with FESPA Africa, Africa Print, and Africa LED.

We at FLAAR-REPORTS recommend this expo and Maria Renee Ayau will be there every day. In some countries there are too many different expo brands, so no one brand is the #1. Mexico has expos in so many cities that some expos just don’t attract the leading brands. Mexico is a country I know for over half a century (first visited there at age 16, in 1961, to learn Spanish; then spent about 30 years doing research on archaeology and especially Mayan architectural history in the southern half of the country). Sign Africa Expo is the leading brand of expos for their part of the world, and of course FESPA is a popular brand in EU especially. The cooperation is nice. The result is an event with pleasant and knowledgeable exhibitors, organizers, and attendees. I especially like the T-shirt area. It is also helpful that the expo and the leading international signage magazine are led by the same team: Practical Publishing.


Sign Istanbul is the week after, Sept 19-22. What I also like about Sign Istanbul is the hospitality and friendly nature of both the organizers, exhibitors, and attendees. Plus they cover a wide spectrum of applications related to visual communications, LED, and digital print, capably organized by the local team of TARSUS TURKEY; I have seen their team visiting at other expos around the world as well.

So September is a busy month for the team of FLAAR-REPORTS. Maria Renee Ayau and Pablo M. Lee will be attending Sign Istanbul.

Dr Nicholas will be at Printing United, an experiment that people are curious to know how it works out. Dallas is an atypical location for a printer expo, since most attendees and exhibitors say clearly and openly that they prefer Las Vegas. And families of course enjoy Orlando as a trade show destination.


Then for 2020, we will cover this in a separate report, but Dr Nicholas and FLAAR-REPORTS team managers will be at SGI, Sign Middle East, in friendly and comfortable Dubai, UAE. Capably organized by the experienced team of IEC, International Expo Consults LLC

Next for 2020, APPPEXPO 2020, in beautiful and impressive Shanghai, The exhibitor list for APPPEXPO 2020 will be impressive. It’s a huge expo, with more brands of printers, of printable material, and of inks, than any other expo in the world (tons more brands of everything than drupa).

FESPA 2020 in magnificent Madrid then awaits us, and then ISA 2020 in Orlando. I was a visiting research professor at Rollins College for several years, so know Winter Park nearby.

The FLAAR-REPORTS team look forward to seeing you this autumn and in 2020.