Konica Minolta printheads for UV-curing printers Print

Konica Minolta printheads for UV-curing printers

Posted October 22, 2019

At SGIA 2019 Konica Minolta had a nice booth with two UV-curing printers. They each had transport belts so could handle both roll-to-roll and also rigid boards. They did test prints of our educational material for schools in rural areas of Latin America that fly down to Guatemala to donate to the teachers and students.

This year Konica Minolta, MGI, is in booth 9536, PRINTING United 2019. PRINTING United is the new name for SGIA 2019. This year (this week) in Dallas Texas. I will be there second and third days and look forward to see the KM printheads and printers and hopefully their short-run digital presses also.