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Sign Istanbul was definitely worth visiting

Updated June 6, 2014
Previously updated December 2013, posted Oct 10, 2013


We have enjoyed visiting Istanbul, exploring this remarkable city, and attending Sign Istanbul for many years. So two of us from FLAAR flew to Sign Istanbul in late November again last year (2013). We appreciate the expo organizers for providing the tickets and hotel so that we could study this expo.

Because there are so many expos around the world it is not realistic to attend all. But we find Sign Istanbul worth attending since it is international, relatively large, and thus offers a full range of signage and wide-format inkjet printer products.

Most expos have entertainting PR releases, promising everything and claiming the world's best. This kind of constant blast of PR releases vary from embarrassing to misleading.

We do not make any profit from any expo; yes, of course expos select our team to inspect their expo, but they cover only round trip airfare, hotel, and meals. And most important, we say what we feel is appropriate about an expo; never do we accept the PR releases of the expo organizer (not even of expos for which we are consultant).

If you wish to see the most diverse range of products in Turkey, in the signage and wide-format world, with brands from many areas of the world, be sure to come to beautiful friendly Istanbul for Sign Istanbul 2014, at new dates in early autumn.

Our free report is now available; just click on the front cover and it will download.

The web site is


Trends in New Inks & Technologies for Wide-Format Inkjet BEYOND CONVENTIONAL PRINTING

Posted April 2, 2014

The Printing & Publishing Group (Dubai) has invited Dr Nicholas Hellmuth (FLAAR Reports) to present the Keynote speech for their seminar on Beyond Conventional Printing.

April 9 (Wednesday morning), 2014, Le Meridien (Wasl Ballroom) Airport Road.

Also you can learn about 3D Printing Serices from Mr Richard Sanders and get fresh information on Digital Printing (Mr Phil Walsh, Kodak, UK). Contact Ms Roxanne Tandoc, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SGI-Sign-Graphic-Imaging-Dubai-Middle-East-2014-uv-cured-printers-textile-inks-media-flatbed-cutters-prepare-for-exhibitor-list-2015 PRINT2
Invitation English
SGIA-2013-exhibitor-list-uv-cured-printers-textile-printers-inks-media-flatbed-cutters PRINT2
Invitation Arabic



SGI, Sign & Graphic Imaging Middle East 2014, Dubai

Updated January 6, 2014. Originally posted Dec.4, 2013

SGI Dubai 2013: Wide Format Printers, Inks, media and substrates, laminators and coaters

SGI Dubai (Sign Middle East Dubai) opened Jan 7th and will run through January 9th. Nicholas Hellmuth and Pablo Martinez arrived in Dubai after two days of flights; over 11 hours delays in airports due to winter weather in USA, plus Ryan Crist, who has worked with FLAAR on international projects in the past.

In previous years we tried to cover this expo with just one person, but since SGI Dubai is the first major printer expo of the year, we really need three people.

Sign & Graphic Imaging Middle East 2014 is the largest printer trade show in this part of the world. SGI Middle East really covers the entire Middle East (in part because Dubai is such a popular travel destination for shopping).

Lots and lots of Chinese branded printers; more than any other expo outside of China, and many many brands of Chinese media, but almost no booths of Chinese ink manufacturers; whatever Chinese ink may be present is mostly rebranded with local names.

FLAAR will make a list of every UV-cured printer, every textile printer, each T-shirt printer, all solvent printer brands, any water-based, plus latex (which most ink chemists consider very different from true water-based).

SGI, Sign Middle East, Dubai, is capably organized by International Expo Consults, associated with Falak Holding.

Their web site is


FESPA Digital 2014 in Munich

Updated May 27, First posted May 9, 2014

Four of us from FLAAR Reports attended FESPA 2014 to experience all the new launches, to communicate with many colleagues, and to let our over half million readers around the world learn more about this main FESPA printer event in Europe.

Nicholas, MariaRenee, Pablo, FLAAR staff IMG 7164

FESPA 2015 will be in historical German city of Cologne, a great place to visit. We recommend FESPA in western Europe, and are considering possibly to visit FESPA Mexico 2014 (since Guatemala is very close).

Now that FESPA Digital is over, five of us are preparing to spend an entire week at APPPEXPO 2014 in Shanghai.

Although the July expo is four days, we arrive in Shanghai two days in advance since we are the international consultants for this growing printer, signage, and also traditional advertising expo.

There are roughly 200% to 300% more models of UV-cured and eco-solvent printers at APPPEXPO than any other expo in the world (about 400% more brands than at DRUPA!).

Media and Subtraces
Inkjet Ink 3rd-party, After-Market Inks
Inkjet Inks
Wide Format Textile Printers
UV Printers
Shanghai City as a destination
Honeycomb Sandwich Board Exhibitor List What to expect at APPPEXPO 2013
Media and Subtraces
APPPEXPO 2013 2012 Shanghai eco bio mild solvent printers
Aluminum Composite Material Potential for new applications for UV
Aluminum Composite Material Potential for new applications for UV

To order by PayPal or credit card, write This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and indicate which inkjet topics from FESPA you wish to obtain from FLAAR Reports.




ISA Sign Expo 2014, in Orlando, April 24-26

Updated April 2014, First posted December 13, 2014


Sign Expo 2014, also known as ISA, was in friendly Orlando, Florida, which is easy to reach from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

We attended to this great event, since ISA is a significant expo for learning the trends, and it is precisely the trends in inks, printers, printheads, media, cutters, laminators and coaters that FLAAR researches.

We also provided consulting for print shop owners, managers, printer operators; we provided consulting for distributors from other countries who come to ISA to figure out what products are reliable. Plus clients came to us to ask what printers, inks, or materials their companies should consider (especially for industrial products and especially for atypical materials).

We enjoyed ISA 2014, and we hope you saw us at our booth #3011.

Nicholas, MariaRenee, Pablo, FLAAR staff IMG 7164

ISA 2014 was in Orlando, a great place also to bring your family or your travel companion, since there is lots of family style entertainment here. is their web site, definitely worth visiting.



Consider SGIA printer & signage expo this autumn

Updated Oct 2, 2013. Posted April 10, 2013

The exhibitor list for SGIA 2013 in Orlando is anticipated to be a good selection of all aspects of the wide-format inkjet printer work flow. Plus SGIA still has screen printing, especially for T-shirts.

The FLAAR team looks forward to seeing you there in Orlando.

We will also be at Sign Istanbul in Turkey later this year.




Graphics of the Americas printer expo is back in Miami

Posted Feb. 11, 2014

Two of us from FLAAR where again at the GOA in Florida. We have attended almost every year for a decade.

Miami is a better city for bi-lingual, Spanish-English. We hope you saw us at Graphics of the Americas. We stayed all there all three days in late February (27 Feb through March 1st)




SignAfrica printer expo reports in preparation.

Updated Oct. 2, 2 013. previously edition August 20, 2013. First posted July 25, 2013

FLAAR has assisted at SignAfrica for many many years. We also write articles for PracticalPublishing, the leading trade magazine of this part of the world.

We enjoy the hospitality of the distributors, print shop owners, and expo organizers here in Johannesburg. The day before the expo opened we did another site-visit case study in a major printing company: over a dozen grand-format printers. We inspected their new 5-meter roll-to-roll UV-cured printer.

August 21-23, I was in the expo center to be taking notes on inks, media, cutters, coaters, printers, and the entire workflow of wide-format inkjet printing. Plus we are gradually moving into covering LED signage as well, though clearly our main priority is inkjet printers and applications.

FLAAR arrived in South Africa already two days before the expo opened, and stayed the entire three days of the expo.

We recommend SignAfrica, so hope to see you here in 2013. Next year this will be branded as FESPA Africa, so more reasons to attend (as an attendee) or exhibit (if you are a manufacturer or distributor).



APPPEXPO 2013, more international than every before

Updated July 25, 2013. Originally posted July 10, 2013

More major international brands of UV-cured printers are at APPPEXPO which was successfully held in Shanghai: Durst, Inca and Swissqprint, joined EFI Vutek, HP and brands already present.

Mimaki, Mutoh, Epson, Roland are present for eco-solvent. Plus a relatively new brand from Korea has a strong presence with four new models. This brand has never shown at this size in any expo in USA, Europe, or UK.

Five of us from FLAAR Reports flew to Shanghai already two days before the expo opened. We will be issuing lists of every textile ink, every textile printer, every UV cured printer (found 24 brands of Chinese printers alone, with a dozen brands from other countries). Plus a list of all after-market inks, all media and substrates. Back with more information when our reports are issued during August.


FLAAR Reports for Shanghai sign & Printer expo in July

Updated July 25, 2013. Originally posted May 9, 2013

We have posted a new series of FLAAR Reports on "what to expect at Shanghai APPPEXPO 2013 in July."

Below are front covers of these reports. During August these reports will be updated and replaced with additional information from the 2013 event in Shanghai.


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After-market Ink

Factory Visits Demo Room Visits


Wide Format Printers

This link takes you to textile printers on our sister-site,

Color Management

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