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Sign Istanbul 2018, Turkey, is a good wide-format inkjet printer expo to attend Print E-mail

Sign Istanbul is perhaps the biggest sign trade show in Turkey and one of the biggest in all the Southeast Europe region. These are some of the main reasons you should consider attending Sign Istanbul 2018 this September.


Sign Istanbul 2017 was a crowded event, filled with key people in the Turkish sign and print industries.

Why you should attend Sign Istanbul 2018

First, in recent years, about 18 major brands of UV-curing printers exhibited at Sign Istanbul. For the 2018 expo, you can also expect to see brands such as

  • AGFA
  • HP Scitex
  • Handtop
  • Mimaki
  • Dilli
  • TechnoJet
  • Istanbul Reklam Ürünleri
  • and many others.

But besides UV-curing printers, this is a trade show where you can find all types of wide-format printers of all types of inks, such as textile, water-based, solvent, latex, etc. Also check for any related SIGN Istanbul 2018 news.

Second, it is not realistic for industry executives to fly to every expo. Thus thousands of people from printer, ink, media, cutter, and other product factories and distributors utilize the FLAAR Reports for tips on which trade shows are the best value for your time (and airfare investment).

If you believe the exaggeration and often utter nonsense claimed by some PR releases, you could easily end up wasting time flying to the wrong expo.


This is the EFI VUTEk GS3250 LX Pro, a combo transport belt UV-curing printer exhibited by LiDYA, the local distributor.


Dilli exhibited two impressive wide-format UV-curing printers, the Neo Titan NT2504D-WV UV, and the Dilli Neo Sun UV combo printer.

So instead of silly PR releases, we provide actual experience based on traveling around the world for over 20 years evaluating trade shows. Sign Istanbul is a visual communications trade show where you can find printers, ink, media, substrate, cutter, laminator and RIP software, plus LED electronic signage (and also traditional signage from the era before inkjet printers).

When you attend Sign Istanbul, you get the opportunity to meet some of the key people in the Turkish industry. For example, the knowledgeable Selahattin Aygüler, Board Director of PiMMS, one of the biggest distributing companies of wide-format printing equipment.


Selahattin Aygüler, CEO of PIMMS, a prominent printer distributor in Turkey and neighboring countries.

In the 2017 edition of Sign Istanbul, we also talked with Özgür Kışlaoğlu, TTS CEO. TTS is a company that sells DTG t-shirt printers and Compress UV-cured printers.


Özgür Kışlaoğlu showing one of the Maya Toons t-shits printed on with the DTG t-shirt printers.

Istanbul Reklam Ürünleri is one of the companies with more wide-format printers on display. At least nine wide-format printers were exhibited by this company. We also recommend dozens of other companies in Turkey.

Sign Istanbul 2017 exhibitor list,
As preparation for Sign Istanbul 2018 exhibitor list

We expect to see even more brands in Sign Istanbul 2018.

And indeed more brands have returned. Two of us have been at Sign Istanbul two days before it formerly opened. Now we have completed taking notes the first day.

Lots of Mimaki; more Mutoh than any expo I have experienced elsewhere; lots of Roland (normal around the world). Plus plenty of brands of Chinese and Korean printers. Especially noticeable is more textile printers at Sign Istanbul than ISA and Graph Expo in USA both put together.

There are several good reasons to add Sign Istanbul expo to your world list of crucial inkjet and signage trade shows.

First, Istanbul is the focal point of Eastern Europe and adjacent Asia. As you know, when you drive through the city of Istanbul, one side is Europe; the other side is in Asia.


Sign Istanbul is held in the Tüyap Exhibition Center, next to a very comfortable hotel.

So if you are a distributor, getting to Sign Istanbul is crucial to reach both the growing market of Turkey as well as their neighbors.

Some of the distributors exhibiting at Sign Istanbul on 2010 were Mimaki, ProPrint and ProColor

Since Dr Nicholas studied art history and architectural history while at Harvard, he enjoys being in Turkey. Here he is many years ago taking photos of the impressive architecture of Istanbul.

Second reason for visiting Sign Istanbul is to enjoy the architectural history, the multi-cultural history, and the art museums of this remarkable city. As you remember, this was once Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.

I would also add that, considering its size, I have always felt safe here. And since I attend Sign Istanbul year after year, I know a lot of colleagues here, among the distributors as well as printshop owners. Plus I see several of the key Turkish distributors at trade shows in Europe, USA, and China. I saw one at Reklama Moscow!

FLAAR has several years experience in Turkey

We have done several site-visit case studies of printshops in Istanbul, as well as have visited ink and printer factories outside Turkey. As indicated in the previous section, because we have attended both Sign Istanbul and in past years another expo in Turkey we know most of the major distributors.


Some of the distributors exhibiting at Sign Istanbul on 2017 were Handtop, Technojet, Axia and HP.

So FLAAR provides consulting to manufacturers around the world who wish to learn about the market in Turkey.

We suggest that you consider coming to attend Sign Istanbul 2017 and having FLAAR provide you consulting services once you are here.

Nicholas Hellmuth at efi VUTEK booth in Sign Istanbul 2010

Nicholas Hellmuth at efi VUTEK booth in Sign Istanbul 2010.

Although named Sign Istanbul, in fact this expo is VISUAL COMMUNICATION

3D, 2D raised relief, LED and dynamic digital displays. It’s great to see traditional signage, and we love to see all the wide-format inkjet printers. But in today’s world it is VISUAL COMMUNICATION which is the larger perspective. This is why we like Sign Istanbul: the organizers: Tarsus and are open to the diverse range of modern visual communication.

We thus encourage you to visit this fair, 20-23 September , and get to know the team at İFO İSTANBUL FUAR HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. and Tarsus.

For further information on Sign Istanbul 2018

To learn more about this international event for 2018 we are offering a preview here on the success of Sign Istanbul in 2017. FLAAR works together with the organizers of Sign Istanbul to help our over 700,000 readers learn which are the best expos to attend. Best being defined

  • as the expos in cities which don't have excessive taxi fare (London expo center is too far from Heathrow);
  • cities where hotels are a reasonable cost (Dusseldorf has excessive hotel cost).
  • Cities where public safety is pretty good (Atlanta, Georgia, USA is not a city where you feel safe anytime after 5 pm in their trade show area).


  • Turkey is a friendly country and Istanbul is a visitor-friendly city.
  • Istanbul is great for sightseeing (sorry, but Birmingham has a convenient expo center (at the airport) but the city itself is boring.


Sign Istanbul poster for 2018.

Consider visiting Sign Istanbul 2012, exhibitor list

You can check our old PDF's on Sign Istanbul

Consider visiting Sign Istanbul 2012, exhibitor list

You can check our old PDF's on Sign Istanbul

Consider visiting Sign Istanbul 2012, exhibitor list

You can check our old PDF's on Sign Istanbul

Consider visiting Sign Istanbul 2012, exhibitor list

You can check our old PDF's on Sign Istanbul

So there are many reasons why some cities, some countries, and some expos are popular (and why others are not popular; some airports are a nightmare; taxi fare from Moscow, Tokyo, or Osaka airports can cost up to $400!).

London is even more over-priced than Düsseldorf and getting around London is not easy; the ride from the airport to the expo center is endless and requires changing in umpteen train stations and queuing up in each to buy your next ticket.

Getting from the Istanbul airport to the expo center is a simple ride (though at rush hour can take a lot of time). There is a bus but I have not tried it. No complete metro, tram or train system to the expo center as in the rest of Europe, but if you have a Turkish friend you can navigate the public transportation. But the cab cost in Istanbul is half that of London.


The official web site of Sign Istanbul is

Updated June 6, 2018

Previously updated July 2017 and September 2017,. December 19, 2014, Sept. 11, 2014, December 10, 2013. April 2013.

First posted October 2012.



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