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Lots of reasons to attend SGI 2020, Sign Middle East, Dubai Print E-mail

The first half of January has a textile expo in Germany (Heimtextil 2020) and a VISCOM 2020 in Germany, but the FLAAR Reports team is skipping them and heading to SGI Dubai (Sign Middle East, Dubai, UAE).

Germany is a tad cold in January; thus not an ideal time of year to have a trade show. I much prefer the weather of Dubai in January. Plus the Dubai expo is probably 100% larger than VISCOM. And the Dubai trade show has a significantly greater diversity of products than the textile-design expo in Germany. So let’s look at all the aspects of SGI 2020 that makes it attractive.


Granada Experience, textile printer, FLAAR Report
This is the FLAAR Report on our experience with the GRANADA textile printer in 2018.  We look forward to doing additional test prints in 2020.

Textile printers

SGI Dubai 2020 has UV-curing printers, solvent printers, latex printers, water-based printers, textile printers T-shirt printers and toner printers (including short-run digital presses). So lots of options.

Last year we did test prints on the nice GRANADA wide-format textile printer in the well designed Heliozid Oce booth. We appreciate the hospitality of Philippe Husni and his team.


UV-Curing printers

There were over a dozen brands of UV-curing printers: we look forward to seeing all the brands at SGI 2019.

Since we have been brought to the Teckwin factory several times (many many years ago) we did our UV-curing test prints on a nice Teckwin printer. A full-color PDF is showing the print quality from their using our test files.


T-Shirt printers

T-shirts are popular around the world. We at FLAAR Reports would like to start our own T-shirt printing company in Guatemala since we have many capable graphic designers. So at SGI each year we do test prints. There were at least two booths with the new Ricoh T-shirt printer. We thank Anne Veldman, Product Manager, Ricoh Europe PLC for test printing. Brother is listed on the SGI 2020 Exhibitor’s list.



Lots of individuals in the OKI booth in past years assisted our research: Abdallah Obeidat, Sales Director MET and Natalie Sweis plus the T-short expert mentioned below. At FOREVER we met Yasin Topcu, Sales Manager.

OKI booth T-shirt Printer at SGI dubai 2018

Nicolas Becherel, in the OKI booth, knows every subtle aspect of T-shirt printing using technology of OKI and FOREVER.

I learned a lot and appreciate his patiently showing me step-by-step.



Magic Touch  T-shirt Printer Samples at SGI dubai 2018

In 2018 the experienced and helpful team in the MAGICTOUCH booth utilized the then new Ricoh Ri 100 T-shirt printer. Now there are additional models, so we look forward to doing additional T-shirt printer tests.

I see Roel van der Ree at expos around the world.

Magictouch  Booth, Ricoh R100 T-shirt Printer

Magictouch Booth, T-shirt Printer Test

Granada Experience, textile printer, FLAAR Report

Ricoh Ri-100 T-Shirt Printer
FLAAR Report









POLYPRINT TexJet, Copatra Graphics booth

And at SGI Dubai 2020 we look forward to seeing T-shirt printers. Both Ricoh and Brother have come out with new models in recent years and we look forward to seeing what’s available as we enter 2020.

Visited with several people in the Copatra Graphics booth:
Hussam M. Jamal, Executive General Manager
Samer Z. Anan, Executive Manager

Ammar Y. Nada, we also spoke with in the Copatra Graphics booth.


Brother GT-3 series, Signtrade booth

Brother has a booth in almost every major international sign expo around the world. We appreciate that the Brother T-shirt manager kindly did nice T-shirt samples of our MayanToons designs. We spoke with Aiman Omar, Area Sales Manager of brother.


Single-Pass, Super Fast printers

Memjet was popular in past years but HP technology has advanced ahead: HP offers pigment ink. Memjet is only dye-based ink. I am curious whether Memjet is back into wide format or whether they have only tiny label printers available.

Plus what is the newest model and HP technology with single pass? I look forward to doing more test printing on most recent wide-format model of the HP PageWide technology.


Toner Printers

I started with toner printers actually before I went into the world of wide-format inkjet (in the last 1990’s, over 20+ years ago). Today, though obviously wide-format inkjet is a major focus, I still enjoy seeing the improved color quality and improved lack of banding (that was present 20 years ago).

It is very important that “signage” expos also include toner printers, both office copiers and also short-run digital presses.

Xerox  Versant 180 press

The XEROX Versant 180 Press, powered by efi Fiery RIP, did nice job with bright colors and good surface quality

OKI C610 toner Printer FLAAR Report

OKI C610 toner Printer FLAAR Report









HP Latex 115 Print-and-cut Solution, TEST PRINTS at SGI 2018 (Sign Middle East Dubai)
We appreciate the hospitality of Anand Venkatesh in the HP area. It was very clever of HP to link their latex printer to a cutting machine to offer this solution.

Print-and-Cut for Stickers

Stickers are so popular that when I print samples at a trade show and bring them back to our offices, everyone in the office wants stickers: the managers, the designers, the research teams.

So I hope to have time to find booths with print-and-cut for stickers so I can get test prints.

Cutters: flatbed XY digital; CO2 laser flatbed

Dr Nicholas works with primary school programs in remote areas of Central America, to help the local children. One of our many goals is to help teach the Mayan children to learn the alphabet in their first year. It helps if the kids have letters cut out so they can move the letters around on their desk. Such letters come from cutting plastic of different colors.

At SGI 2020 I look forward to visiting the Blue Rhine booth to see diversity flatbed cutter technology.


Laminators: Roll-fed and Flatbed Applicators

Six years ago there was one main brand of flatbed applicator; then each year additional brands came out. A new different flatbed applicator factory has asked FLAAR to visit their factory and write reports on their products. Laminators are still needed today, and also coaters (a coater puts your preference of surface finish or surface appearance onto your signs or other prints.



More and more, the ink brands are in the booths of distributors. But there are still several ink brands with their own booth or an ink themed section in their distributor booth. The FLAAR Reports review writers have been flown to ink factories in Taiwan, Korea, China, EU, USA, and other countries. So we always keep track

Printable Media & Substrates

We have enjoyed visiting factories and factory demo rooms of wide-format printable materials around the world. We always enjoy seeing all the brands and all the kinds of printable materials at international expos such as SGI Dubai 2020.


3D Printers & 3D Visual Communication

3D printers are only one of many diverse ways of creating 3-dimensional visual communication.  I like honeycomb sandwich board as a material for 3-dimensional creations. You can use the material in its natural color, or you can print on it before you cut and join the pieces to create a car, a train, a building, or whatever concept or product you wish to show in 3-dimensions.


Traditional Signage

There are lots of aspects of traditional signage still viable. So it helps when a visual communication expo includes traditional signage in addition to wide-format inkjet and LED.


LED and Dynamic Digital Signage

Whether in a hotel elevator or on a major highway, whether in a shopping mall or MacDonald’s menus in their fast food chain stores, LED signage is still moving forward. So it helps to have all these technologies. Though I must admit my favorite is still toner printers and inkjet printers.

Trade show courtesy booths

It is nice to see the hospitality when an expo provides courtesy booths for other trade shows. SGI Dubai 2020 has more trade show courtesy booths than any other expo that we have visited recently.

Trade Magazine booths

ME Printer is the Middle East magazine that I know the best, but there are also booths of additional magazines. Trade magazines are an important factor in every industry.

Dubai as a Venue

Very important: there are hotels within walking distance of the convention center in Dubai. In too many European cities there are not enough hotels within walking distance of the trade show center. I prefer to stay within one or two blocks, so I can quickly return to my room in the evening and do my reports on the day at the expo.

Also helpful: there is a metro system just in front of the convention center: so you can easily get to the famous shopping centers of Dubai.

I hope that Dubai Garden Glow is open this year. I enjoy visiting Dubai Garden Glow each and every year.

Dubai Garden Glow continues this year. I enjoy visiting Dubai Garden Glow each and every year. You can walk there from the Convention Center; Dubai Garden Glow is open at night since much of it is a “light festival.”

The other major factor is that Dubai and the UAE is a friendly place to visit. No street crime. Plus there are lots of places that everyone in your family will enjoy. So the FLAAR Reports research and educational team look forward to seeing you at SGI 2020 in Dubai, January 12, 13, and 14. We will be there the pre-show set-up day plus all three expo days.

I will also be at the Knowledge Series event, as Moderator. And as one of the judges of Wall of Fame. Hope to see you at SGI Dubai 2020, organized by International Expo Consults (IEC). For more information visit


Most recently updated Dec. 23, 2019
Previously updated in 2019.
First posted January 2018.



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Wide Format Printers

This link takes you to textile printers on our sister-site,

Color Management


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