InkTec eco-solvent after-market ink for Roland and Mutoh printers Print

Eco-solvent ink still outsells almost every other ink in the world, including HP latex ink. HP latex ink has been relatively successful in several countries, but the high curing temperatures limit the number of substrates. And high electricity expenses add to the cost-per-meter. Plus for some colors eco-solvent ink may potentially outlast certain colors of HP latex ink.

Although each ink has special benefits, and every ink has a downside, in fact, still in 2011, for printers up to 74 inches, eco-solvent ink is one of the most popular kinds of inks in the world. This is why all the Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, and Epson eco-solvent printers are selling everywhere still today. Any of these companies could launch their own version of latex ink, for Epson printheads, but presently see no rush, since eco-solvent, for most printshops, is still preferred.

InkTec Large sales InkTec office, Korea July 2011.

Large sales InkTec office, Korea July 2011.

Because eco-solvent printers are still selling well, there is a continued demand for after-market third-party inks for printers using DX4 and DX5 printheads. InkTec in Korea provides an ink for these printheads.

Our knowledge of InkTec's capabilities in ink chemistry are based on personal inspection

We know about InkTec inks because it was possible for Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth to spend several days inspecting the factory a few weeks ago. In this way he was able to see the processes and technologies used for the preparation of the ink, processes that are performed with the highest quality control.

In the case of the eco-solvent ink they make, they have a laboratory that specializes in creating formulas that are as environmentally friendly as is realistic (after all, the ink still has to function, stick to the substrate, and hold up outside in the sun, using the best technology.

InkTec Jin Young Song explains Nicholas about ink process. Korea July 2011.

Jin Young Song explains Nicholas about ink process. Korea July 2011.

Something we noted is that InkTec offers different sizes of standard ink containers, so customers that need industrial amount and clients with moderate consumption can buy this ink as well. Also if they need cartridges, InkTec have a very good quality of cartridges for Epson-type systems.

InkTec is a company well positioned and the advantage is that they have distributors around the world, so when you order from almost any part of the world probably they already have covered the shipping route from wherever it is required the InkTec eco solvent ink.

Now that we have inspected the factory, our next step is to undertake customer visits, so we can take notes on how the ink performs out in the real world. As soon as we have had the opportunity for site-visit case studies, we will update our reports.

InkTec Roland Eco-solvent testing and printing caterpillar. Korea July 2011.

Roland Eco-solvent testing and printing caterpillar. Korea July 2011.

FLAAR continues to expand our coverage of wide format inks

During the last four years we have visited many ink factories around the world. For 2011 we continue evaluating ink companies, and now have added InkTec. We have initiated our study of two of their inks: eco-solvent, and water-based dye-sublimation.

InkTec SubliNova Ink Pro-new package design.Korea July 2011.

SubliNova Ink Pro-new package design.Korea July 2011.


InkTec Warehouse Ink large containers Korea July 2011

Warehouse Ink large containers. Korea July 2011.


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