ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72UVX replaces 72UVR flatbed UV-cured inkjet printer Print
There is now a new entry-level hybrid flatbed printer to consider

For 2006, ColorSpan offered a more versatile model 72UVX flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer that can accept materials up to 1/2 an inch thick. We updated our report on ColorSpan UV printers August (2006) based on an end-user that first bought a Chinese UV printer, found that it has issues with some kinds of flat rigid materials, and so be then bought a ColorSpan 72UV printer and is much happier. You can get all this documentation (and on which flat signage material did not work in the Chinese UV printer), in the FLAAR Reports on the ColorSpan 72UVX.

This model is no longer available new, since ColorSpan was acquired by HP a number of years ago. What is hard to understand is why did HP chose to cease the successful ColorSpan 72UV series but continued with the ill-fated ColorSpan 5400 series, (called HP Designjet H3500 series in its HP era) which by the way was later on phased out by HP because of a number of unresolved issues. Several years have passed now, and the only ColorSpan model that remains in the HP era is the HP Scitex FB700, which is based in the ColorSpan 9840uv.

Previously ColorSpan surprised everyone at SGIA trade show (Oct 2004)

  1. With a UV-cured flatbed printer that was fully functioning on its first appearance.
  2. The color gamut of the ColorSpan 72 UVR surpassed the quarter-million dollar Vutek PressVu 200/600.
  3. The price of the ColorSpan 72UVR was a surprising $75,000 (so you can buy two ColorSpan printers for the price of a Zund 215).

The ColorSpan beat all the Chinese printers on quality (it will take the Chinese three more years to catch up).

ColorSpan bested the majority of the other UV flatbeds in color gamut. The color from the ColorSpan UVX is better than the gamut of the VUTEk that costs over a quarter of a million dollars.


But the most important feature of all, it actually prints (as opposed to several other printers which ground to a halt at SGIA trade show: and two other printer brands never even made it onto the trade show floor).

So check out the FLAAR Reports on the pros and cons of the Displaymaker 72UVR and 72UVX from ColorSpan.

Although we originally started the FLAAR Reports to assist museums and university print shops, we quickly expanded to provide help for sign franchises such as SignsNow and Sign-a-Rama. Now our web pages are read in 42 countries by over 250,000 people a year. A big surprise was that the FLAAR Reports are as much sought after by manufacturers (to learn how their printers fared, and to see what the competition offers (and how it fares in the FLAAR evaluations)).

ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72 UVR Chinese printer reviews
ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72UVX with mascot, the "Gator"

Many of the sign franchises, independent family-owned sign shops, photo labs, screen printing companies want to compare and contrast the ColorSpan 72UVX with the Raster Printers RP-720UV, Daytona, or the Zund 215-Plus. We just interviewed the owner of a Zund 215-C, and asked him his thoughts about what it was like to own this Zund UVjet flatbed, and what he thought about the ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72UVR and 72UVX. His comments are in the new FLAAR Reports on the Zund 215 site-visit.

So FLAAR has updated Reports on each and every one of these entry-level UV-cured flatbed inkjet printers. We have two different reports on the ColorSpan UV printers. We updated the site-visit with comments on the arrival of a new 72uvX in Toledo. Since Toledo, Ohio, is near our university, we do as many site-visits as we can up and down Interstate 75.

Since 2007 the ColorSpan 72UVX has been replaced by the ColorSpan 5440uv series (four different models). As of about February 1 st, the ColorSpan 5440uv series is being renamed HP Designjet H35100 and HP H45100.

ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72UVX evaluations
ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72UVX printer with several samples.


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