UV-flatbed printers from Taiwan and Korean tend to be two years ahead of UV printers from Mainland China Print

We have noticed that the Dilli and DGI Neojet UV-curable ink flatbed printers appear to be better constructed and have more useful features than UV-cured wide format flatbed inkjet printers from China.

Dilli Precision Ind. Co., Ltd offers their Neoplus UV-curable inkjet flatbed, Neo Delux, and Neojet UV wide format printers. Unfortunately the specifications and general features disappear when you click on them, so we can’t comment further.

Agfa and Mutoh are now rebadging Dilli UV printers as the Agfa :Anapurna L and XL; Mutoh is rebranding the same printer as the Mutoh Cobra S65uv and Mutoh Cobra S100uv.

Dilli (USA) also has a new distributor. We discuss all this in the FLAAR Reports on the Dilli Neo-series of UV-curable inkjet printers.

For an independent assessment on these Korean printers, FLAAR covers both the Dilli and D.G.I., Agfa, and Mutoh UV-curable inkjet flatbed and roll-to-roll printers in our FLAAR Reports on UV flatbed printers.

DGI NeoJet UV curable flatbed printer
DGI Neojet UV curable flatbed printer




Most recently updated April 11, 2006.
Previously updated November 23, 2004, November 28, 2005. First prepared November 2, 2004.