EFI VUTEk QS220, a smaller and more affordable UV combo printer Print

The QS family was replaced by the GS series.

Currently, this model is being replaced by the EFI VUTEk H2000 Pro.

In January 2010 EFI introduced the VUTEk QS220, the smallest of the QS family.

The wide-format printers manufactured by EFI VUTEk are well known machines—popular also for their high-end price—.

Several years ago EFI enlarged its portfolio of products by acquiring Raster Printers (now theEFI H series), which allowed EFI to offer entry-level UV printers for those starting businesses.

But the difference in price between the EFI H printers ($92,000 for the H700) and the EFI VUTEk QS printers (around $300,000) was in the extreme of prices in the market.

Printer Price
Feeding Mechanism
Print width
Media thickness
2m (80”)
5.08 cm (2”)
Thought to be Seiko
CMYK (lc, lm, W optional)
€149,000 (around US$ 211,000)

The EFI VUTEk QS220 was meant to fill the price gap between both families.

The company already has a 2-meter product, the VUTEk QS2000, which is a combo printer (moves media with a transport belt). The QS220 is also a combo printer. There is an optional roll-fed mechanism available (not included in the list price).


What can you print with the QS220

The applications listed for the printer are:

  • Banners & signage
  • Billboards
  • Building wraps
  • Display graphics
  • Fleet and Vehicle graphics
  • Floor graphics
  • Glass
  • Outdoor graphics
  • Stage Graphics
  • Wall Murals
  • Window Graphics

As mentioned above, EFI has re-launched its family of entry-level printers, previously known as the EFI Rastek series, and now renamed as the "H series".

So, although you will no longer find the QS220 as a new model, you can always check the newer EFI H series.

The following chart shows the features of some of the competitors of the EFI VUTEk QS220, or the current EFI VUTEk H2000.

Feeding Mechanism
Print width
Media thickness
Brand & Model
Drop size
HP Scitex FB950

2.50 cm


7 cm

(2.75” )

Ricoh Gen3 E1
Variable: 30pl - 80pl
CMYK, lc, lm

1.60 cm


5 cm


Konica Minilta 1024
14 pl
CMYK, lc, lm (W optional)

We continue to gather information on the new EFI models and we will periodically update this information.


Updated June 2017. First issued May 21, 2010.