Eurotech introduces their 5-meter Malakan UV printer at VISCOM Spain, years ago Print

First NUR Expedio 5000 (now the HP Scitex XP5100), then Durst Rho 350/Rho 351R, Gandinnovations 3348 RTR, then Matan Barak 3 and 5, and now the Malakan roll-to-roll UV printers from Eurotech in Istanbul Turkey.

I have visited the Eurotech headquarters about three years ago, but of course the Malakan and Pars did not exist then. When I returned to the factory, the UV printers were no longer being manufactured. The two prototypes were not being worked on; the engineers were working primarily on a large polyester textile printer, a printer surely based on the Gandinnovations AquaJet.

This Eurotech Malakan looks more serious than the VUTEk QS3200r but the last time I saw the Eurotech Malakan it was not finished..

The Eurotech press release mentions a 5 meter version. Eurotech Benelux mentions a a 3.2 meter Malakan UV printer, with eight colors jetted through Spectra Nova printheads.

Eurotech Pars combo flatbed printer

Eurotech Pars was another new UV printer several years ago. This looks more like a copy of a VUTEk combo-style printer. Press releases state this was introduced at FESPA Digital in Geneva, 2008: but if it was really there then I and everyone I spoke with missed it.

At FESPA 2010, not one UV printer was in the Eurotech booth (only a disperse dye sublimation textile printer for polyester). So until it is possible to visit the factory and see UV printers actually on an assembly line, or until it is possible to visit an Eurotech Pars or Eurotech Malakan, in situ, in a print shop, actually functioning, then we would know they are beyond prototype stage, beyond alpha stage.


Updated August 6, 2010.

First posted October 6, 2008.