Mimaki UJV-110 flatbed printer, Mimaki UJF-605c flatbed printer, and Mimaki UJF-605R roll-to-roll Print

The Mimaki USA site has spec sheets for the UJV-110 and the UJF-605C. But there is now also a UJF-605 roll-to-roll.

The links on the Mimaki Europe website to their industrial products do not work, so we can’t see which flatbed printers Mimaki Europe is featuring. At European trade shows we have also noticed the Mimaki GP-604D T-shirt flatbed printer, which of course does not need UV-curable inks.

In January 2011 we received a detail report, item by item, of inadequate features of this printer, from a print shop with many years unfortunate experience.

The distributor would not even take it as trade-in!

So we suggest that if you want to buy this model used, that you get your hands on the FLAAR Report, where we use the words of the unhappy end-user.

Mimaki UJF-605RII roll-to-roll printer reviews
This is the Mimaki UJF-605RII roll-to-roll at DRUPA 2008.

In early 2005 I purchased a report on the "Mimaki UJF 605c" because of the white ink . For 5 years now there has always been problems. Out of the 5 years I've had about 12 months of work. Now with all of the heartache still going on and no help from Mimaki , I'm trying to look for a solution to my problem and my special type of printing using white ink ! Applications are on fine tissue paper (17 gsm), and PE and pessure sensitive vinyl. Nozzle drop out is a problem (among others).

The Mimaki UJF-605RII roll-to-roll printer evaluations
Several samples printed by the Mimaki UJF-605RII printer at Graph Expo trade show 2007.

the Mimaki UJF-605R printer review
Here is the Mimaki UJF-605R with some samples at VISCOM Madrid trade show 2006.

FLAAR Reports are available on the Mimaki UJF-605C and a separate report on the Mimaki UJV-110.

Recently we spent a day in the Mimaki USA headquarters outside Atlanta to gather additional information on all the Mimaki printers. So gradually we will be updating our coverage of these printers.

The Mimaki UJF-605C printer evaluations
Mimaki UJF-605C printer was exhibited at ISA 2005.

Mimaki UJF-605C printer reviews
Sample printed by the Mimaki UJF-605C printer at ISA trade show 2006.

Mimaki UVJ-110 UV inkjet printer reviews
Mimaki UVJ-110 UV inkjet printer, DRUPA 2004.


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First posted November 28, 2005.