Screen Jet 130UV from Jungwoo Enterprise in Korea Print

FLAAR invests time and funds so we can go out to trade shows around the world and bring back information on what UV-curable flatbed printers are available now and in the future. The Screen Jet 130UV is not mentioned by trade magazines yet, and has not yet appeared at any US trade show. So once again, FLAAR is first in bringing news of this printer to our readers.

Most of the companies offering this printer are Chinese, which naturally raises questions of where is it really manufactured or assembled.

Yet when I first saw this Screen Jet 130UV printer it was in Shanghai ’07 trade show, in the booth of a Chinese distributor, but in a booth that was a Korean company, Jungwoo Enterprise. I was told by several other colleagues that the company behind the Screen Jet 130UV printer was indeed Korean.

The big and internationally known Korean UV printer manufacturers are

  • Dilli (associated with D.G.I. which makes solvent printers)
  • Keundo makes their own SupraQ 3300 UV curable hybrid printer
  • IP&I make several models of combo-style flatbed UV printers: Cube 260uv and 1606.

Dilli makes their Dilli Neo Venus, Dilli Neo Plus, Dilli Neo Deluxe, Dilli Titan: several of their models are rebranded by Agfa and Mutoh, and sold as the Agfa :Anapurna M, Agfa :Anapurna X, XL, etc. Mutoh model names are different and they are hardly ever seen, not even often in the Mutoh Europe booth. Neither Mutoh Europe nor Mutoh America has been strong in making UV printers, indeed Mutoh Japan is not manufacturing the unreleased Seiko UV printer (Mutoh manufactured the Seiko ColorPainter 64S before HP began to distribute it).

Dilli and IP&I make combo-style UV flatbeds (transport belt). Keundo makes a hybrid style flatbed (no transport belt; it uses pinch rollers on grit rollers instead). The Screen Jet 130UV is a combo style with a conveyor belt.

I have visited the IP&I headquarters and have inspected several printshops in Korea that have IP&I Revo and IP&I Cube 260uv printers, plus I was invited to speak at the launch of the IP&I 1606 printers in Seoul. So it’s easier to have access to testing and evaluating these printers.

Keundo and Dilli printers are readily available at trade shows in the US and Europe, but the Screen Jet 130 UV is hard to find. As soon as it is possible to be flown to their factory, then we can update this page so that our over quarter-million readers can have access to better documentation on this little known Korean UV combo style printer.

Don’t confuse this Korean-made Screen Jet 130UV printer with the Japanese-made Dainippon Screen TruePress Jet2500UV and Screen Truepress Jet650UV flatbed printers.


First posted October 1, 2007.