Yishan YS0604-FG, Yishan YS0608-FG, special format flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer review Print

These two Yishan UV printers have not appeared at any trade show in the US or Western Europe. They did not even appear at Shanghai ’07 in the Yishan booth. Yishan did exhibit two other of their different dedicated flatbed UV-curable inkjet printers, but not these small ones.

This is typical of Chinese UV printers; most of them exist only on paper, or in the corporate headquarters R&D department or demo center. In the Teckwin demo center outside Shanghai I found a brand new dedicated flatbed that has never appeared in public. This Teckwin flatbed printer is so new it does not yet even have a name.

The Yishan medium-format flatbed printer is not really like any other medium-format UV flatbed. It is not similar to the Mimaki 605C II. The Screen Truepress Jet650UV is too new to compare it with (the Screen Truepress Jet650UV has not yet been exhibited in Europe or the US). The other small format UV printer is the Dilli Jupiter.

The Raster Printers Daytona T600uv is larger, as is the Mimaki JF-1610.

The full name of the manufacturer is Yishan Digital Technology Co. Ltd.

As is typical, no prices for this printer are listed anywhere.

Yishan YS0604-FG, Yishan YS0608-FG printer reviews
Yishan booth at Shanghai 2007.


First posted October 1, 2007.