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I am looking forward to attending the springtime Beijing China Sign Expo. Spring should be a great time of year for weather and for flowers. As soon as I learn more about the exhibitor list for 2012 we will update this page.

Beijing, a friendly city, well worth visiting

Beijing, also known as Peking is the capital of the People's Republic of China and one of the most important industrialized and developed cities in the northeastern part of this Asian country—ranked in second place, just after Shanghai —not to mention the cultural heritage observable in the city.

Although China is clearly a unique political system, you can see a great deal of development in the main cities, including Beijing. Chinese airports are bigger and better (and more modern) than most airports in America.

Flaar booth Sign expo 2010
FLAAR booth at China Sign Expo 2010, Beijing, with hostess Sandy Yang, nicely organized by Liu Yanhang, CEO of Sign in China and assisted by Rissa Xia, the liason person with FLAAR.

Trade shows in China

There are four major Chinese signage expositions that exhibit wide-format inkjet printers that would appeal to an international audience:

China Sign Expo, in Beijing, scheduled for 27-30 April, 2011; conflicts only with Digital Image in Brazil. Since the really large signage trade show in Brazil is in July, you should be able to attend the Beijing expo without schedule conflicts.

China Sign Expo, in Dongguan, in March (starts Feb 28th for 2011).

Shanghai APPPEXPO, July every year, has always had a popular exhibitor list.

Sign China Expo Guangzhou, also in March (Dr. Hellmuth attends both the Dongguan and Guangzhou trade shows simultaneously, as they were organized on the same dates).

JHF booth at Sign Expo China 2010
Beijing expo 2010
Here are some photos of the Beijing China Sign Expo 2010.

Convenience of a Trade Show in Beijing

China Sign Expo is one of the major trade shows in the wide-format inkjet printing industries held in China. 2011 will be the 18 th consecutive year of the event that congregates mostly local but also a number of international companies.

Beijing has a more international projection than most other cities in China, noted by its visitor-friendly display of information in English in the web.

The listed hotels offer free shuttle bus to and from the exhibition center.


Beijing is the meeting point of several rail lines coming from all districts of the country. The airport was considerably expanded in the late 90s and there are flight connections to all major Chinese cities and many foreign countries.

After the Olympic Games, the political willingness for a green environment becomes evident in a number of actions such as the implementation of nearly 4,000 gas-based public buses.

Organizers and organizing associations

Interest in FLAAR publications is growing in many parts of the world, China included.

Dr. Hellmuth is being invited to attend the Sign Expo Beijing by Beijing Chinasigns Information Co., an important supplier of products for the sign industry in China. Chinasigns as a company is a member of the Inkjet Printing Industry Association of China, the entity that organizes the trade show.

Staff Group Chinasign
Here is the international sales team portion of Chinasigns. There are double this many employees in other departments and other teams in the company.

China Sign Expo trade show tradeshow exhibition Beijing Peking Pekin Chinese factory manufacturers UV solvent water based
Liu Yanhang, CEO of Sign-in-China at the right; Chen Dazhi, Senior Secretary, PEIAC and Product Manager of Advertising Section, CEIEC in the Beijing in their booth at Dubai Sign & Graphics Imaging 2009. Rissa Xia, representative of Sign-in-China at their booth at VISCOM Milano, Italy, 2009.

To contact Chinasigns:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text2650 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //--> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it TEL: 0086-10 6370 5868

ADDRESS: Floor 4,Building No.8,Community No.12,Headquarters of ABP, No.188 Western Rd of 4th ring,Fengtai District, Beijing, China.

Aboundant Cultural and Recreational Activities during the Expo

Experience Tian'anmen Square and Palace Museum of the Forbidden City

As the former imperial capital of China, you can expect lots of historical palaces, especially in the Forbidden City. And for recent political history, a visit to Tian'anmen Square should be an experience.

Rissa at the forbidden City
Here is Rissa Xia, one of the international sales team at Chinasigns, helping Nicholas learn Chinese architectural history in the Forbidden City.

If you are interested in the Great Wall of China

Since my background at Harvard University and Yale University were in archaeology, art history, and architectural history, I am especially interested in visiting the Great Wall of China. The only other time I was in Beijing, I spent all my days inside the city, and did not have an opportunity to go out to the Great Wall.

If you missed the 2008 Beijing Olympics and want to see the Bird's Nest and Water Cube in person.


If you are a business person and have to travel all year every year, might as well do business where you can enjoy culture and history all in one place (plus do your business too).

I have visited about seven cities in China, usually the industrial centers, such as Shanghai. But the one city that is more in tune with human nature is clearly Beijing. I especially liked visiting the lake with the hill alongside that has historical temples.

China Sign Expo offers all the historical Chinese attractions
The main advantage of a trade show in Beijing is the opportunity to see the historical architecture of this imperial city. Since architectural history is part of my long time personal and professional interest, I really enjoy being in Beijing each time.
Beijing historical architecture imperial city
decoration interior design decoration applications chinasigns
cultural beijing
Waitresses at Baijia Royal Mansion Restaurant.
buddist temple
Dae Jue, a Buddhist temple several hour drive from Beijing. This national monument has an interior patio restaurant where you can drink local tea and have a relaxed business meeting.


Most recently updated January 4, 2012.

Previously updated May 2010, January 11, 2011after spending a week inspecting Beijing and inspecting ChinaSigns company (a major exhibitor associated with this Beijing China Sign Expo.
First posted March 26, 2010.