Impressive IP&I Cube 260UV from International Printer & Ink Print

The FLAAR Report on the IP&I Cube 260UV is now available since July 2007. We hope to update it in 2010, but we are concentrating on the new IP&I printer, the i-cube (FLAAR review coming soon!).

So this page on the IP&I Cube 260UV itself can be brief, because all the documentation is in the report.

The IP&I Cube 260 printer evaluations
Some samples printed by the IP&I Cube 260 printer, Madrid 2006.

One purpose of having the reports on the IP&I Cube as downloads on this page is so that our readers can sample a FLAAR Report and see what's inside. Many people who go to our web page that lists all the reports (on www.wide-format-printers.NET), are curious what's inside a FLAAR Report.

IP&I Cube 260 printer reviews
Here is the IP&I Cube 260 printer at VISCOM Italy 2008.

We have a free Abstracts (at the top right of this page), but now we are making sample reports available as well.

FLAAR Reports come in many degrees of comprehensiveness:

  • FLAAR Fast Facts
  • FLAAR First Look
  • FLAAR Second Look
  • FLAAR Third Look
  • Site-Visit Case Study
  • Demo room testing & Factory inspection evaluation
International Printer & Ink, IP&I Cube 260UV
IP&I Cube 260 in the factory. We have inspected this printer inside out.

So please realize that not all reports are as high a level as these on the IP&I. We have full access to all the IP&I staff, to their distributors, to the factory, and at their trade show booth. Already in 2007 it has been possible to visit two printshops who use IP&I printers (in fact in each print shop they had more than one IP&I UV printer, which is the best recommendation you can get). For all these reasons it is possible to obtain better information on this printer, as compared to printers where their main demo room is not available for us to test the equipment, where the manuals and documentation are not provided.

Reports on most Chinese UV flatbed printers are Fast Facts or First Look because virtually no information is available on some brands : no User Manuals, and no factory visits.

Even some major printers such as Virtu, they had virtually nothing available on their website except Success Stories, which of course are not realistic whatsoever. Nor are Success Stories published in trade magazines. The only way to learn the truth is to undertake a site-visit case study and get the true pros and cons. So I have visited installations of IP&I printers in 2007 and again in 2009, all in Korea.

Gradually every two months we try to make new factory visits. So far we have been to VUTEk several times, to Gandinnovations two days, to GRAPO two days, to MacDermid ColorSpan four times, and have brief visits to the factory of Inca Digital plus a longer visit in the adjacent factory of Sun Chemical (Fast Jet). Our most recent visit was to IP&I factory and R&D rooms, for two days, in November 2009.

Whenever a UV printer manufacturer invites us to host us at their factory, we try to arrange a date. We have been visiting UV-curable printer factories around the world for the past several years.

reviews of the IP&I 260 UV printer
The IP&I UV 260 printer was exhibited at Dubai trade show 2009.
IP&I Cube 260UV samples
Printing on aluminum requires a whole pretreatment process that we could inspect in a recent visit to a company in Korea. FLAAR is constantly learning about new fields and uses for the inkjet printer industry.

IP&I Cube 260UV from International Printer & Ink
IP&I Cube 260 International Printer reviews
IP&I Cube 260 inks ready for inspection by FLAAR in the IP&I factory.


IP&I is considered one of the top engineering and software (firmware) UV printer manufacturers in Asia. I have visited their factory twice and inspected their printers in several printing companies that used these printers on a daily basis. So FLAAR has experience at every level in the capabilities of these printers out in the real world.

The company has recently ceased to exist, a result of excelling at engineering but not having enough distributors. The company did not fail due to a bad printer. The old corporate web site is full active, but when I telephoned the numbers there was no answer. There was hope the company could rise again but at FESPA 2010 there was no sign of rebirth.

It is worth noticing that FLAAR is one of the few resources that provides realistic information on the status of UV printer manufacturing companies: 90% of the trade magazines made no mention whatsoever of the situation of Gandinnovations as they went belly up. Hmmm, why do trade magazines not discuss reality? And virtually no one has indicated the truth about the other companies which have evaporated in the last several years.


Mimaki UJF 605c UV InkJet Printer
MimakiUNJ 110 UV InkJet Printer

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Most recently updated December 4, 2009.

First Posted April 6, 2006. Previously updated July 25, 2007.