Nicholas Hellmuth visits Raster Printers Inc. Demo Room in California for in-person detailed inspection of the RP-720 UVZ and Daytona UV flatbed printers Print
Raster Printers Inc RP-720 UVZ flatbed UV-cured inkjet printer
Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth with the Raster Printers Inc RP-720 UVZ flatbed UV-cured inkjet printer.

The only way to learn the facts about a printer are to sit with the printer for several days. This is what you expect a university professor to do.

We have seen printers from Raster Graphics functioning acceptably, but recently (July 2012) received a report from a sign shop that the two he received were not reliable.

Plus, the company Raster Graphics no longer exists, and a new owner will not tend to provide service for printers that it did not sell.

As a result be careful about buying used printers of this model of Raster Graphics.

So Dr Nicholas Hellmuth and assistant Rodrigo Giron spent 5 days at the demo room of Raster Printers in pleasant Palo Alto, California. We looked deep inside the printer. We asked pointed questions of the tech support personnel. We met all the managers.

We also visited a Raster Printers reseller and have checked out two locations where Raster Printer RP-720 UV printers were sold to.

But there is more. We have also researched the Flora 1800 UV printer that is the origin from which the RP-720 UV evolved. We explain the differences between the Chinese original and the updated Raster Printers version.

All this information, documentation, insight, and blunt commentary that you expect from Nicholas are all in the recently updated FLAAR Reports on the RP-720 UVZ printer. We include comments on the dual CMYK Raster Printers Daytona model as well.

When you see a great price for a used printer, be realistic. There will be no spare parts available; no software upgrades, and most old models have (hopefully) long ago been replaced by improved models.

Acquiring an antiquated UV-curing printer is not a good investment.

You won't get a report like this from a trade magazine.

You can't find this kind of documentation on user groups chatting on the Internet.

And even if you peek at these printers at a trade show, that is not the same as sitting next to them for five complete days. So the FLAAR Reports are a valuable asset to get your hands on.

Here is the Raster Printers RP-720 UVZ with some samples at GoA trade show 2007.

Plus, you can now compare the RP-720 UVZ or Daytona with the Gerber Solara UV2 (yes, the new flatbed version; we went to Milan, Italy to see its world debut).

And, you can compare the Raster Printers models with the ColorSpan UVx, the new model ColorSpan that accepts thicker material than the ColorSpan UVR. There is also a still newer ColorSpan, their 9840.

But more, you can obtain penetrating observations on the Zund 215 UV flatbed. We also cover the Gerber Solara UV. If you really want to go low-bid, we also describe the reality of the cheap Chinese UV printers: Infiniti, Flora, and Teckwin.

Samples printed by the Raster Printer RP-720 UVZ, GoA 2007.


The Raster Printer RP-720UVZ was exhibited at SGIA trade show 2007.

Raster Printers booth, ISA 2007.

FLAAR Reports are now available on each brand of Chinese UV printer

The Infiniti UV flatbed printer is $39,000. We have inspected two print shops where this printer is present. You really better get your hands on both these site-visit case studies to learn what it is really like to have an Infiniti UV printer.

Plus, we have a general FLAAR Reports evaluation of the Infiniti UV flatbed by Nicholas Hellmuth. Thus a total of three reports dedicated to the Infiniti UV-cured inkjet flatbed printer. You won't get this kind of information from anywhere else except from the FLAAR Reports.

So FLAAR Reports are now available on each and every one of the entry-level UV-flatbed printers.

Why all the effort and all this research? Because we are interested in acquiring a UV-cured ink flatbed printer for our architecture department, so the faculty and students can print on glass, on marble, on floor tiles, ceiling tiles, doors, and furniture.

We attend the international conferences and specialized trade shows where UV-cured ink technology is discussed. We distill the information and present it to you in the FLAAR Reports.


If you purchase any four complete UV-series, or any 12 individual UV reports (on specific brands, 2nd level reports or above, or site-visit case studies) you can also arrange to have Dr Nicholas Hellmuth come to your print shop as a consultant. Just cover the basic airfare, transportation to your print shop (anywhere in the world) and per diem costs (hotel, meals). We can consult in Spanish, German, and also English, and can understand French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Once you have bought the reports, there is no additional consulting expense other than getting Professor Hellmuth to your location.



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