GCC Stellar Jet 250UV inspected in person in GCC factory Print

First a GCC Stellar Jet 200UV was shown. But then a year or so went by and no GCC UV printer was visible at trade shows in Europe or the US. Then at SGIA 2005, the GCC StellarJet 250UV appeared. Now the GCC StellarJet 250UV is available, and was shown again at ISA 2006. I have kept track of the GCC StellarJet 250UV during trade shows in Europe and the US during 2007.

Here is the GCC StellaJet 250UV showing several samples at VISCOM Germany trade show 2007.

As soon as I noticed that the GCC StellarJet 250UV had matured, I made a trip to Taiwan to inspect the GCC factory. During this same week it was possible to visit a printshop in another city an hour away (by bullet train) where the GCC StellarJet 250UV was used for printing on ceramic tiles. Their results were the best and most colorful on ceramic tiles that I have seen.

Based on all this information, we now have an updated FLAAR Reports on this GCC StellarJet 250UV (available in mid-January, 2008).

GCC Stellar Jet 250UV UV-cured inkjet flatbed reviews
GCC Stellar Jet 250UV UV-cured inkjet flatbed at ISA 2008.

If you are considering the GCC Stellar Jet 250UV, you also ought to look at the IP&I Cube, the Dilli NeoPlus, the Agfa X and XL, and the ColorSpan 5440uv series which replaced the ColorSpan 72UVX.

The Zund 215 is also in this price range, but before you opt for this, you really need to get your hands on the two FLAAR Reports that cover the Zund 215 thoroughly. We bring to you information that is not available in the spec sheets.

FLAAR Reports also cover every Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese UV-cured inkjet printers, plus all the European UV-curable ink flatbed printers too.

GCC Stellar Jet 250UV UV-cured inkjet, transport belt.


In this photography the GCC Stellar Jet 250UV UV-cured inkjet printing samples at SGIA trade show 2007.

Most recently updated January 7, 2008.
First posted May 20, 2005. Prevously Updated Nov. 28, 2005, April 17, 2006.