Oce Arizona 480 GT and 480 XT a dedicated flatbed with roll-to-roll option, white ink and varnish Print

True to its tradition of rolling out something “new” every year, Oce introduces the Arizona 480 series in late 2012. The Arizona 480 GT offers print speeds of 264 ft²/hr, a print dimension of 98" x 49" x 2" in flatbed mode, and  87" in roll-to-roll option. The Arizona  480 XT offers print speeds of  272 ft²/hr, print dimensions of  98" x 120" x 2" in flatbed mode. In roll-to-roll option, the print width is the same as in the GT version.

Prior to this model, Oce had launched the Arizona 318 GL, the company’s most affordable version: a basic CMYK, no-roll-to-roll-option, no-white-ink, no-nothing  flatbed printer.

But this Apple-esque style of having something new in ever shorter periods might not always be the best way to go. And although nobody can deny Oce has had great sales figures in spite of the economic recession, sign shop owners might be starting to ask themselves whether there is something really innovative about Oce’s last version (which by the way will be updated next year, and next, and next).

And again, not that the Oce Arizona printers are bad. But all the models launched as “new” in the last 5 or 6 years have been tweaked versions based on the original concept of the Oce Arizona 250 GT. For example, this Arizona 480 series has the same print dimensions than the Arizona 550 series.

Korean flatbed printers are getting better every year. SwissQprint offers state-of-the-art print quality ―although a bit too expensive, more than is realistic in these times―. And during the last APPPEXPO Shanghai trade show, it became evident that some Chinese flatbed printers are really improving their output quality and their overall engineering. So in this context, Oce Arizona flatbed printers might face some real competition, whether in quality or price in the near future.

Our comments on this dual-structure flatbed printer will be updated in the following days as we learn more about this recent model.

First Issued October 17, 2012.