Is the new name for the new HP latex printer the HP Latex 3000 or HP Scitex LX3000? Print

HP Latex 3000?

It is a brilliant idea that HP is releasing new HP latex ink (since Mimaki can cure at much lower temperatures than the original HP latex inks).

It is clear that Hp is renaming (rebranding) their HP Designjet printers

HP Designjet L26500 = HP Scitex L26500 HP Designjet L28500 = HP Scitex L28500

The new ink for the "HP Latex 3000" is the HP CR336Series.

The information is already posted but will be better detailed in one, two, or three weeks.

In past years HP put me under NDA, so I was not able to say anything. But they have not asked me to go under NDA in the last two years, and once we hear several people speaking openly about new products, it is already known by the industry, so we mention it.

It is admirable that the new HP latex inks require less searing curing temperatures. The primary selling point (the main advantage) of Mimaki latex ink was its lower curing temperatures. Now HP has removed this advantage from Mimaki.

HP holds almost total market share in latex ink printers. Mimaki was the first serious challenge. If the information on the new inks and new printers is true, HP will hold on to its market share position.

First posted May 25, 2013.