Matan JetSet 2.5i, Matan JetSet 3.2i rebranded from Teckwin in China Print

We have noticed the Matan JetSet 2.5i and Matan JetSet 3.2i solvent ink printers at DRUPA 2004, ISA 2004, SGIA 2004, ISA 2005, FESPA 2005, but did not see them again at SGIA 2005. Matan should reappear at ISA 2006. There we will be comparing them with other Teckwin printers that are rebranded by Gerber.

Gerber experimented first with eco-solvent ink printers from Mutoh (Gerber Jetster). This was a failure largely because the first-generation and second-generation inks were inadequate. These early eco-solvent ink chemicals were supplied through Epson since these printers use Epson printheads.

So Gerber dropped the Jetster and tried for years to get a Chinese solvent printer to function. This was a made-in-China printer very similar to that of the Matan JetSet. 3M also tried to sell a Teckwin Chinese printer in these years; these printers also failed to function (these were in the years when made-in-China printers were inadequate; today, since 2007, there are at least one or two brands of Chinese printers, that we have inspected in person over three years in successful printshops in Guatemala, that function adequately).

It is worth noting that a US trade magazine wrote a complimentary article about the Matan JetSet solvent printers, yet these Chinese-made printers were, effectively, never fully functional (04-10-2006).

This type of praise in a trade magazine of a non-functional product is our best reason for why the FLAAR Reports are successful. The trade magazine type of article is pure PR. There was no mention in this article that printers from the same Chinese manufacturer failed to work for 3M and failed to work for Gerber.

Nowadays people will be looking at HP latex ink printers, or UV printers (including those by Matan, their Matan Barak 3 and Barak 5 UV roll-to-roll printers).

Teckwin printers today have improved dramatically in the last two years, and Teckwin has also moved into UV-curable wide-format technology; a good example would be the Teckwin TeckStorm UV flatbed.

Matan Jetset Techwin solvent ink printer at FESPA tradeshow 2005.



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First posted August 16, 2005.