TECHNOPLOT Solvent-Jet Combi printers Print

The first Solvent Jet was a modified Roland CAMMjet. Now what you see at the trade shows appear to be modified Roland Pro II machines, though their entry level appear to be a Roland VersaCAMM 300 and VersaCAMM 540.

Two TECHNOPLOT SolventJet-Combi printers use unusual inks. One prints on glass, but it was only three days old and shown for the first time. It will take more development to improve the quality and longevity on a slippery surface like glass.

Recently TECHNOPLOT has added a Chinese printer, TECHNOPLOT XXL. The politely declined to identify who manufactured the printer, but surely once you buy the printer you will find out. Better to get the truth in advance.

Most American booth attendants know that if they decline to identify the manufacturer of a printhead or machine chassis, that I will find out sooner or later anyway. In the case of the TECHNOPLOT XXL it took me several hours, but I now have a tentative identification of which Chinese company manufacturers it. If you wish to know the Chinese manufacturer, this is identified in the FLAAR Reports on Chinese solvent ink printer manufactures, as well as the industry bible of solvent ink printers (the main FLAAR Report on solvent ink makes and models). Both are readily available from www.wide-format-printers.NET.

Do not confuse the SolventJet printers from TECHNOPLOT with the SolventJET printers from Splash of Colors. Although both are retrofitted Roland Pro II printers, each are done differently. Most of the German SolventJet printers are flatbeds, for example. None of the American ones are flatbeds.

TECHNOPLOT solvent printer reviews
TECHNOPLOT solvent printer at Viscom trade show 2005.


TECHNOPLOT solvent printer evaluations
The TECHNOPLOT solvent printer use unusual inks.


First posted December 19, 2005.