Mutoh Osprey 2.6 meter solvent based ink printer Print

My guess would be that this nice-looking printer is intended eventually to replace the Mutoh Toucan with a better designed chassis, more accurate feeding, and more robust take-up system.

As soon as the Mutoh Osprey is ready for shipping and is accessible to us, we will consider doing a site-visit case study to see if the new design has improved over the Toucan.

Mutoh Osprey 2.6 meter solvent based ink, Mutoh Mutoh XJet, Vutek UltraVu 260
Here is the Mutoh Osprey solvent based ink printing some samples at VISCOM Germany 2007.

Mutoh XJet, the American version of the Mutoh Osprey in Europe and Vutek UltraVu 260 solvent ink printer

At ISA there were announcements of the Mutoh XJet, but the printer physically turned up in the Vutek booth as the Vutek UltraVu 260. Then this new printer was shown by Mutoh Europe at FESPA.

Mutoh Osprey 2.6 meter solvent based ink printer
Mutoh Osprey solvent printer at FESPA 2005.
Mutoh Osprey 2.6 meter solvent based ink, Mutoh XJet, Vutek UltraVu 260 reviews
Mutoh Osprey solvent printer was exhibited at Viscom_05 VISCOM Duesseldorf 2005.

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Hewlett-Packard has now introduced their latex ink technology in a new HP Designjet L65500 printer. FLAAR has already inspected a beta test site in Europe and has been trained on latex ink in Israel a month before. Our preliminary report on the HP latex ink is now available, and a report on the printer will be issued as soon as we can spend inspect an advanced beta unit in the future.



First posted August 16, 2005.