Seiko has improved their advertising and wins praise from Nicholas Hellmuth in the FLAAR Reports Print
Seiko ColorPainter 64S HP Designjet 9000s evaluations

We don’t yet have a Seiko ColorPainter 64S in-house for detailed inspection, so are not able to provide a yea or nay recommendation whatsoever, but what we did see at trade shows is encouraging. We then visited a sign shop that had one and have prepared a comprehensive site-visit case study.

We note that under the administration of a new manager since about 2004 and new staff that Seiko advertising is more honest than when they had oil-based printers in previous years. We find that a good printer does not need misleading advertising to sell it. Hence the more hype used in the ads for other printers, the more suspicious you should be. Ads for eco-solvent printers are especially dubious.

But Seiko’s ads today are acceptable.

The market for full-solvent and mild-solvent printers continues to grow, and FLAAR will add on additional reviews, especially from trade shows such as ISA, SGIA, and FESPA 2007.

If you wish specific information on the Seiko ColorPainter 64s, the dealer we know and recommend is ScarabGraphics. Of course today (February 2006 onward) the Seiko has been replaced by the HP Designjet 9000s.

For the HP version (HP 9000s) we suggest you contact Cannon IV (they are not a Canon printer dealer… they are the largest HP dealer in the US and sell nationwide). Their website is; their fax is 317 822-4857. They sell all across the US. They also sell all other HP Designjet printers, so can offer you the new HP 8000s solvent ink printer and the newer photo-quality printers: HP Z2100 and HP Z3100.

Two FLAAR Reports now available on the Seiko ColorPainter 64S

We offer two comprehensive FLAAR Reports on the Seiko ColorPainter 64S. First we have the basic FLAAR evaluation of the printer from all perspectives.

Then Nicholas Hellmuth went to a print shop near the university that has a Seiko ColorPainter 64S. We know the owner so were able to get the full story on what it is like to have a Seiko printer in your printshop.

So our complete coverage of the Seiko ColorPainter 64S is in these two reports. There is a discount if you order both together at the same time.

SII Color Painter 64S large format printer
Seiko ColorPainter 64S at Graphic of the Americas 2004 tradeshow

Seiko ColorPainter 100S

Since the Seiko ColorPainter 100S has the same printheads, same ink, and hence similar pros and cons, you really ought to obtain our observations.

Today (since mid-2006) the Seiko ColorPainter 100S has been updated and is now rebranded as the HP Designjet 10000s.



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