Xerox 8265 eco-solvent, Xerox 8290 eco-solvent printer, Xerox 8365 mild-solvent, Xerox 8390 mild-solvent printers Print

Xerox booth back light at Gulf Print Dubai 2007
Xerox booth at Gulf Print Dubai 2007

The eco-solvent models are the Xerox 8265 and Xerox 8290. The Mutoh equivalent is the Mutoh Rockhopper 3 Extreme.

The Xerox 8365 and Xerox 8390 are their versions of the Mutoh Spitfire with mild-solvent ink.

Originally Xerox offered the Xpress printers; then the Xerox ColorfrafX printers. Next Xerox offered the Encad NovaJet 1000i and then the Kodak 1200i; but this technology could not keep up with HP Z3100, new HP Z6100, Canon iPF9000, or new 64” Epson, so Encad faded from the scene. Since water-based printers are waning, it was clever of Xerox to move into mild-solvent and eco-solvent. The question would naturally occur as to what degree ventilation is needed: this we discuss in detail in our comprehensive analysis of the Mutoh Spitfire Extreme and Mutoh Rockhopper 3 Extreme.

Oce CS9060 is eco-solvent only

The Oce CS9060 has the same size, shape and similar specs as the Mutoh ValueJet 1604. These printers are made in Japan (other Oce printers, and those from Xerox, are made by Mutoh Europe in Oostende, Belgium.

Oce CS9065 and CS9090 are another option for eco-solvent or mild-solvent

Oce offers both the mild-solvent and the eco-solvent versions but does not give them different names; the Oce names reflect only the width: Oce CS9065 and CS9090.

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Why does Agfa no longer offer eco-solvent or mild-solvent printers?

Agfa seems to have withdrawn from the solvent portion of the wide-format printer arena: not one single water-based or solvent-based printer was on their web site in April 2007; Agfa showed only their nice : Dotrix UV printer, Agfa : Anapurna L and XL (a rebranded Korean printer from Dilli).

Increased coverage of ecol-solvent and mild-solvent printers by FLAAR Reports

For 2007, FLAAR is dedicating its research to eco-solvent, mild-solvent, bio-solvent, and full solvent printers. We already cover UV-cured flatbed printers from our evaluations from 2000 through 2006; we continue now with comprehensive coverage of UV-curable printers, but are still adding coverage of solvent printers, such as the recent

Xerox 8265 and Xerox 8290

The Xerox 8265 and Xerox 8290 were an earlier version of an eco-solvent printer from Mutoh Europe.



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First posted April 10, 2007. Updated November 2, 2007.